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Happy Friday once again, Toku Trove readers! Today, we are showcasing Jen’s collection focused on the King of Monsters, Godzilla. Jen mentions that what we see featured below is just one of her numerous display cases, and we hope to see more of her collection in the future!

Remember, if you would like to see your collection featured on Toku Trove, send us pictures, along with a few words about your stuff at We are searching for more collections to feature soon!

Now, here is Jen to introduce her collection:

Here are pictures of my Godzilla collection. I only began a couple years ago after I was encouraged (and somewhat enabled) to restart my collecting by my boyfriend, Brent [featured last week on Toku Trove]. My first acquired piece was the S.H. Monster Arts special color King Ghidorah. Shortly after that, I went to Seattle to visit with Brent and I returned home with more Godzilla figures, and a Godzilla movie collection.

Over the next year, I purchased several of these figures as preorders. The autographed Pop and signed picture were gifts from Brent, as was the nano block Ghidorah, the Godzilla Bank, and Space Godzilla. My second trip to Seattle resulted in fulfilling my need for chibi Godzilla figures, which were found at a great local toy store there. The only figure missing from the collection is my atomic breath Godzilla, which is on another shelf waiting to be moved into this case. This is just one display case. I have another of Ultraman Ultra Act figures, as well as the kaiju from the series. I have another case full of Kamen Rider, Mazinkaiser SKL, Voltron, Pacific Rim, TMNT….and more.

Thanks, Jen, for sharing your Godzilla collection. Let us know if we can convince you to share those other display cases, too!

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