Even the brass tacks are at stake in this episode of Power Rangers HyperForce. Streaming monster Twitch rolls out more live roleplaying action with this story of new heroes banding together to stop a dark Alliance from wrecking havoc across the massive universe built up in the long-running Power Rangers television franchise, and this time, they have Cameron Jebo to watch their backs. As alien Silver Ranger Orion, he fought off an invading armada with his teen teammates on 2014’s Power Rangers Super Megaforce. And I truly never thought I’d say this, but the best exploration of his character and his world can’t be found in the show he debuted on – it’s right here. Another feather in an increasingly frilly cap on HyperForce’s head.

The hype for HyperForce continues to rise this month as the announcement came down that the team would be appearing at the WonderCon fan convention in Anaheim, California from March 23 to 25 to sign autographs.

Along with them is the WonderCon exclusive cover for the exceptional Go Go Power Rangers comic series, which features the HyperForce team, made up of the core quintet as well as new character Joe, the Silver Time Force Ranger (silver is in this season, didn’t you know?). Another fantastic art piece to add to the growing collection as the Power Rangers: Shattered Grid crossover event kicks into full gear. And while we’re at it, here’s the cover to a following issue, featuring a brand new zord form, combining the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers super robots in a configuration never seen in the series, along with the introduction of the mysterious Ranger Slayer. Basically, there’s a lotta cool stuff happening outside of the show right now, is what I’m saying.

Go Go Power Rangers #8 drops March 21, 2018.

Power Rangers HyperForce streams live every Tuesday at 6PM PT from HyperRPG.


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