Kamen Rider Build‘s 6th entry into the SODO line continues to  add new Riders to the mix, along with a movie exclusive/ganbarizing form and upgrade forms for the show’s characters.

First, let’s start with Kamen Rider Grease. This figure looks great and (unsurprisingly) uses a lot of similar pieces and ideas from the Cross Charge figure from wave 5.

Next, we have my personal least favorite figure, Doctor Game form. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this figure. The sculpt, the articulation, the paint and the stickers are all well done, but I just don’t like the look of the form aesthetically. Now, supposedly this form was briefly seen in the last Heisei Generations movie before giving Kamen Rider Build a form resembling Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (though, at this point in time, I haven’t seen it since it has yet to be subtitled). I like Build’s aesthetic a lot but, for me personally, these Legend Rider forms just aren’t my thing.

Lastly, we have RabbitTank Hazard form, or SmartphoneWolf Hazard if you prefer. This is an incredibly simple figure and I say that as a good thing. Since the form is solid black, there are very few stickers that need to be applied (though for some reason it still comes with black stickers to put over the already black plastic………ok?). Anyway, the form is super solid, adding a new driver sculpt with a painted Hazard Trigger and nice, vibrant eye stickers for either form. Overall, this is another very successful entry into the SODO line. While personally I only really care for 2/3rd of the set, I still really love Hazard form and Grease a lot. Also, this wave comes with a re-release of  Blood Stark if you missed him in wave 3. Just another great reason to grab this set while you can.


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