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Fans of superhero fiction, both popular and obscure, share in the thrill of unique good versus evil narratives, battles between superhuman foes, and the nerve-wracking race against time to save the day. Fandom goes way beyond watching the films and cartoons – it can mean heading to conventions to mix with like-minded fans as well as playing games that put you in the exciting role of superhero. While you’re unlikely to literally fly anywhere or access the sort of weaponry in the fiction, you can still consider the following tips to bend your superhero passions into activities with friends.

Video Games

The obvious option, seeing as there’s so much out there at the moment, video games have the unique capacity to place us in the world of the hero, with all their abilities and attributes set against awesome city scenes with beautiful visuals and audio. Many are online RPGs which encourage collaboration with friends, making video games more realistic as you are communicating with friends, working against foes that you’ve followed throughout your life in comics and on the screen. The results of playing these games with your friends will bring you closer to the characters and storylines than ever before.

Skydive or Bungee

While you probably aren’t going to develop the power of flight yourself, you’ll certainly be able to know how it feels to soar through the air at high speeds if you’re brave enough to jump out of a plane or off a huge bridge. Skydiving especially gives you the unique birds-eye view of high-flying heroes that conduct their travels and deeds predominantly in the skies. Get a group of friends together and book a skydive for an unforgettable experience that gives you a whole new perspective on the superhero lives you cherish.

Solve Mysteries

If you’re the sort of superhero fan that prefers cool, rational thinking to guns-a-blazing mayhem, then this one’s for you. The Greenville Escape Room and other such facilities offer groups of friends the awesome experience of having to solve a series of puzzles against the clock, piecing together clues to a mystery with a deadline that makes the whole experience as thrilling as the world-saving exploits of heroes on the silver screen. You’ll find these centers channel your inner instincts to work fast to save lives.

Conventions and LARPGs

If you’re passionate enough about the world of superhero teams and their incredible stories, you must get yourself down to a convention with your friends. These hives of activity are chock-full of every possible item from this huge fantasy world you could imagine, including all the memorabilia you can get your hands on. Alternatively, hunt out a live-action role-playing game society that will meet every now and then dressed as superheroes (and, occasionally, villains) to construct games based on the worlds of your favorite characters.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that most of us mere mortals will ever grace the hallowed company of the superhero in real life, But there’s plenty out there to put you in touch with their world; remember these tips and get your friends out to deepen your connection with your passions.