Kamen Rider Build gets another upgrade this month with his RabbitRabbit and TankTank forms, and boy, if you thought the DX Hazard Trigger was a finicky toy, the DX Full Full Rabbit Tank Bottle will fix that for you.

The DX Full Full Bottle is roughly the size of 2 DX Full Bottles put together, one side is gold and contains an interchanging, twistable top that you choose from a Rabbit image, Tank image, or a neutral image. The silver side is where all the electronics are held, and where all my complaints begin.

For starters, the two halves don’t interact so the image displayed on the golden half is a novelty at best. Now, to activate the different sound effects, you shake the bottle…. No, I’m not joking. Shaking the bottle gives you the sound of Build mecha rabbit from the show and, after enough shakes, it will say “Rabbit” which then allows the user to split the bottle in half and begin the transformation, or continue shaking the bottle. If you keep shaking the bottle, it will now make a heavier, metal clashing sound and again, after a few of these, it will say “Tank” and allow the user to access the Tank Tank form sounds. This, to me, is incredibly stupid. It makes accessing the sounds a chore, and to top it off, there is no off switch. That means that this toy as a whole is a huge pain to handle because it is incredibly sensitive to movement and it never stops making noise. I have never been so annoyed with a toy so quickly before in my life. The only good news is, it only gets better from here.

With the DX Hazard Trigger and DX Full Full Rabbit Tank Bottle inserted into the driver, cranking the handle gives you two awesome henshin jingles (one for each form, of course) and an awesome finishing attack sound. These sounds definitely help make me enjoy the toy significantly more. Overall, this is a big miss for the Build toy line. I absolutely adore these two forms so a part of me is biased and I do enjoy this toy, the sounds are genuinely awesome, but I can’t deny that this toy isn’t fun to play with and is plain annoying at times. People heavy into collecting the DX Build toys will enjoy this toy, but casual fans should save their money.

Now, what’s a new form without a new weapon? Kamen Rider Build swings back hard with the DX Full Bottle Buster. After the disappointment of the DX Full Full Rabbit Tank Bottle, its associated weapon will help lift the spirits of Build toy collectors (until you have to pay for shipping, but we’ll save that for later).

The DX Full Bottle Buster is huge! Easily the biggest in the Build toy line and one of the biggest role play weapons the tokusatsu genre has seen in a while. It has 2 forms, a sword and a gun mode, but the difference is honestly minimal. The sound effects don’t even change. You get one attack sound for both modes and the toy has no way of knowing what mode it’s in at any given time. The fun comes from inserting DX Full Bottles.

This toy can read just about everything in the Build toy line (minus Jellies, Gears, and the DX Crocodile Crack Bottle because they all do not fit). The user is given 5 options for new sound effects, inserting 1 Full Bottle, inserting 2 Full Bottles, inserting 3 Full Bottles, inserting 4 Full Bottles, or inserting the DX Full Full Rabbit Tank Bottle. Each new sound effect is unique, awesome, and a clear escalation of strength. The more Full Bottles you have, the more fun this toy becomes. Overall, I highly recommend this toy to anyone who’s been collecting Full Bottles this year. It’s a fantastic time and really well priced for its size. The only issue, cost-wise, comes from the shipping. Due to the toy’s impressive size, the shipping can be a bit steep, but I assure you, it is completely worth it.


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