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Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where the female of the species is more deadly than the male. Or at the very least, the subject of our focus this week. In Kamen Rider Build Sawa is forced to come clean about her true loyalties, while over in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger Umika (Lupin Yellow) is forced to deal with her own insecurities. Regardless of which show you prefer, both end with a new development that promises to mix things up next week, so be sure to come back and join us then. In the meantime, don’t forget to come back for our analysis articles or let us know what you thought of these shows in the comments section below.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 28
“The Genius Comes On A Tank”

The duel between Sento (Build) and Gentoku (Rogue) continues! Outside the arena Gentoku manages to get back to his feet. He receives the data analysis on RabbitRabbit Form from Nariaki and uses Diamond – a Bottle that was formally Sento’s – against him. Diamond proves to be a great counter to RabbitRabbit Form, proving the accuracy of the data Sawa supplied to Nanba Heavy Industries. Sawa admits what she has done to Misora and Ryuga. In a flashback to Sento’s lab, Sawa admits that she previously lied to him about her father’s death and that she is one of the Nanba Children. However, Nanba had tried to eliminate her when she failed to kill herself after being previously revealed as a spy. She had to stay with her new friends, and while Sento knew she wasn’t telling the truth he had faith that she would in the end.

Sawa explains that it was Masuzawa, the Touto Prime Minister’s aide who killed himself with a Bottle after being discovered, who bugged Ryuga’s equipment. She reveals that she helped Nanba because he had kidnapped the family of Nabeshima, the man who had taken Ryuga to be experimented on that they had previously helped escape from Faust. Gentoku recalls his previously failures, coolly commenting that it was his ambition and drive that spurred him on in the face of his numerous failures and proclaiming that Sento’s idealism is pointless. Sento continues to take damage until Sawa gets a phone call from Kazumi confirming that he has saved the hostages. Sawa signals Sento to let him know that it’s time to drop the ruse.

Sento reveals the ace up his sleeve: TankTank Form! The data that Sawa delivered to Nanba was completely devoid of any mention of this new form, and so Gentoku will be unable to counter it. Sento knew from the beginning that he couldn’t win the duel with RabbitRabbit Form and was simply holding on to avoid losing until they knew that the hostages were safe. With TankTank Form at his disposal he quickly defeats Gentoku. Gentoku’s father arrives and offers Gentoku the chance to return to Touto, but he simply gets up and silently scuttles away.

Souto’s Prime Minister is incensed but intends to keep to the terms of the deal that brought about the duel. Juzabura Nanba does not agree with this and decides that it’s time to end their alliance. He opens the door and Blood Stark is waiting on the other side. Sawa apologises to her friends for lying to them. Misora slaps her, then hugs her tight. The Kamen Riders comment that this is the end of the war. Unbeknownst to them, Stark stings the Prime Minster and the poison quickly kills him and dissolves the body. He then uses his face-changing ability to make Juzabura look exactly like the Prime Minister.

Has Sawa finally left her spying days behind her? What will Gentoku’s next scheme be? How long will it take for the “Prime Minister” to be found out? Let us know what you think in our forum or on our Facebook page.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 07
“Always Being Saved”

It’s a busy shift at bistro Jurer and as always Kairi (Lupin Red) is slacking off. Amongst the customers are the three Patrangers. Keiichiro (Patren #1) and Tsukasa (Patran #3) are discussing an open case where everyone at a restaurant disappeared. Sakuya (Patran #2) is more concerned with trying to get a date with Umika (LupinYellow). While her fellow thieves are no help, Tsukasa can tell that Umika isn’t really interested and tries to hurry Sakuya along as they pay up and leave. He insists upon leaving his contact details with her. As they walk away, Keiichiro asks if Sakuya is really interested in her, but to his colleagues’ dismay Sakuya admits he flirts with any cute girl. After the remaining customers also leave, Kogure appears in the bistro to give the Lupinrangers their latest assignment.

A Gangler called Mergout Arita enters ‘Restaurant Twinkle’, which he has read about in a good food guide. He grabs a child and announces that he’s here to eat, but when one of the chefs offers him a plate of food he responds that it isn’t the dish he’s here for. The Lupinrangers arrive, transform and attack. Mergout uses a tongue-like whip to restrain Touma (LupinBlue). Then his torso opens up into a big toothy void and he swallows the ranger whole. The remaining pair of Lupinrangers realise to their horror that Mergout had already eaten everyone in the building before they arrived. Mergout attempts to consume Umika too, but Kairi pushes her out of the way and is devoured instead. As she hides behind the kitchen countertop, Umika can’t help but recall the time when her best friend Shiho was frozen. Over in the Ganglers’ dimension, Dogranio, Destra and Gauche discuss Mergout’s eating habits and observe that his piece of the Collection makes him unfillable. Meanwhile Kairi and Touma discover that Mergout’s digestive process prevents them from blasting their way out of him, stranding them along with the Gangler’s other victims.

Umika returns to the bistro alone except for her tears. She comments that she is always the one being saved. She remembers when she was in elementary school and Shiho saved her from some bullies. Then she recalls more recently when Shiho entered her manga into a contest and won a prize. They were celebrating when they were attacked by a mysterious Gangler (Zamigo). Shiho pushed Umika out of the way and was frozen instead. Umika’s despair is interrupted by Kogure, who gives her a pep talk and points out that recovering Mergout’s piece of the Collection would remove his limitless capacity for food and he would likely throw up all his victims. However, as Kogure leaves and the door closes, he makes it clear that his motive is purely to have the VS Vehicles returned. Umika realises they have another copy of the guide that Mergout was using, and she can use it to predict where he will strike next. She uses this to form a plan, and contacts Sakuya. Inside Mergout’s stomach, Kairi stops a little boy from falling into the digestive juices and returns him to his mother. Touma asks if Kairi is sure he shouldn’t have let Umika be caught and rescued them himself.

Sakuya is at a table at the restaurant ‘Sonne’. He’s waiting for Umika after she suggested they have a date there. She arrives carrying a case. They make some awkward small talk until they are suddenly interrupted when Mergout walks in. Sakuya transforms and attacks the Gangler, driving it outside and calling for backup. Umika opens her case, which contains her thief outfit. She sneaks into the bathroom and changes into it. The other Patrangers arrive to back up Sakuya and they manage to restrain the Gangler. Umika soars in and uses a headscissors takedown to throw Sakuya out of the way before knocking Mergout to the ground. She uses her Dial Fighter to open his safe and removes the Lupin Collection item from within it. Mergout can no longer hold his victims in his stomach and ejects them. The other victims inform the Patrangers that the Lupinrangers kept them safe within the Gangler’s stomach. The Lupinrangers attack and use the Cyclone Dial fighter to destroy Mergout.

Gauche appears and revives him as a giant. The Good Striker also appears but Lupin Red and Blue aren’t interested in fighting the Gangler further, so he has no choice but to combine with the Patrangers and their Trigger Machines. With the help of the Biker Trigger Machine as an alternative right arm, the Patrangers defeat Mergout for good. The Patrangers then go back to the bistro, where Sakuya seems even more smitten with Umika. However, as Tsukasa watches Kairi and Umika interacting, she is reminded of the Lupinrangers and begins to suspect the trio.

Are the Lupinrangers’ criminal careers over already? How long will it take Sakuya to realise the object of his affections isn’t interested? How does that bistro make enough money to keep running when the staff are constantly shutting early so that they can go and fight monsters? Tell us your theories in our forum or on our Facebook page.

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