Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where Japanese heroes strive to discover who they really are. Kamen Rider Build has always had some element of identity within it. Whether it’s Sento’s (Build) forgotten past, as referenced in the new intro sequence introduced this week, Kazumi (Grease) pretending to have similar amnesia in an attempt to forge a new identity, or the initial mysteries as to who Rogue and Blood Stark were. But this week the question of identity falls to Misora, who displays all three of her personas this episode as the latest chapter of the story begins to dig into the question as to who she is or what is possessing her. Meanwhile in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger the Global Police are trying to determine if a trio of mild mannered cafe workers are in fact “those thieves everyone has been talking about”. Personally, I really like that the police were on to their secret identities so quickly – it doesn’t make either team look good if the phantom thieves only need to be one step ahead of police officers that stay completely oblivious for the entire series. Do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below, in our forum or on our Facebook page.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 29
“The Bell Tolls, The Curtain Rises”

The war continues! As Soichi (Blood Stark) slots Full Bottles onto a panel from Pandora’s Box, Juzabura Nanba (still disguised as Seito’s Prime Minister) conducts an orchestra through a performance of ‘Ode to Joy’ as Seito’s latest forces, the Hard Guardians, invade Touto. Soichi completes a panel and attaches it back on Pandora’s Box. This causes the Sky Wall to reconfigure itself, causing mass devastation and casualties while also leaving large access gaps. It also forms the base of a giant tower. Nanba gets into his car and has a video call with Touto’s Prime Minister, who is unaware that he is not talking to the real Prime Minister of Seito. Nanba will not obey the rules of the previous proxy battles, as unlike the previous round these were untelevised and therefore the public did not see Seito’s loss. He will no longer play games but instead will destroy Touto as a demonstration to the world of his power. Soichi takes to the field while completing a second panel, causing the tower to increase in size. He explains to the Riders that it is ‘Pandora’s Tower’ and when it is completed the Earth will be destroyed as Mars was.

Seito’s forces withdraw but continue to do damage. They use their media connection to proclaim that Seito actually won the proxy battle and it is Touto refusing to abide by the agreement. Nanba makes it clear to Soichi that he doesn’t trust him but wants him to continue collecting the Bottles. Meanwhile Sento (Build), Ryuga (Cross-Z) and Kazumi (Grease) are debating what to do. Sento is unable to see a course of action that does not result in people being hurt. Kazumi decides to return to Hokuto to try and protect his remaining friends there. Ryuga similarly storms out, intending to follow him. Sento visits the Touto Prime Minister. He claims to have an idea, and cryptically asks if he can borrow one dollark (the currency of Touto).

Kazumi finds Ryuga waiting for him on the sky Road near to the three Hokuto Crows’ graves. Ryuga admits he initially intended to join him, only to realise that they would be throwing their lives away. Kazumi’s phone alerts him to a new Miitan stream. Clearly intended just for him, she urges him to work with the others instead of throwing his life away in a futile fight. They are interrupted by Soichi, the Washio Brothers, and a pair of Hard Guardians. They battle but it seems that the numbers are against them until Sento shows up. Misora also came, staying with the bike wondering if the large bag filled with free passes for Miitan personal interactions will convince Kazumi to stay. Sento gives a monologue in which he states that he will fight on for Kazumi and his three friends, to protect Hokuto as they did, and takes on the Washio Brothers alongside Kazumi. They gain the upper hand, forcing Rai to cancel his transformation so that his brother can become Hell Bros. Using the power of the trio’s Bottles, Sento and Kazumi bring Fu Washio to his knees, feeling the spirits of the trio pushing them forwards. Rai then turns up holding Misora as a hostage, only to be flung away when Misora’s eyes and bangle begin glowing. With an unearthly voice she proclaims that she is Vernage, Queen of Mars.

Where do you think the show is going with Misora’s new Martian persona? Is Blood Stark similarly ‘possessed’? How long will Nanga be able to keep up his ruise? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, in our forum or on our Facebook page!

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 08
“The Thieves’ Identities”

As the Lupinrangers’ take on a group of Pordermen at a water treatment plant, the Patrangers’ are following up on Tsukasa’s (Patran #3) hunch and looking into the backgrounds of the bistro Juror staff. As the Patrangers decide they need to conduct a surveillance operation the Lupinrangers discover that the last surviving Porderman has managed to evade them. Touma (LupinBlue) and Umika (LupinYellow) return to working in the bistro, while Kairi (Lupin Red) continues to explore the plant untransformed, to try and figure out how the Porderman got away. The Good Striker sneaks into his sweater and informs Kairi that the Patrangers are watching them. Sure enough, Keiichiro (Patren #1) is following him and the other two are watching the bistro.

Kairi goes back to the bistro to inform the others and they explain to Good Striker why they became Lupinrangers. Umika receives a text message from Sakuya (Patran #2) asking whether she will be at work tomorrow. Sakuya proposes a sting operation – if they go to the bistro and then fake an emergency call, they can watch and see if the three cafe workers leave to follow up on the fake tip. The only catch is they would need to arrange for a fake Gangler to appear at the location in case the Lupinrangers also have their own source of information.

Keiichiro is at the water treatment plant taping a safe onto Jim Carter’s head. The other two Patrangers visit the bistro. Kairi is absent, and when the Patrangers ask after him Touma tells them he is having a break upstairs. The two Patrangers pretend to respond to a report of a Gangler attacking the water plant. They leave and take up surveillance positions. At the plant Jim Carter is confronted by the three Lupinrangers, even though nobody has left the bistro. Jim stalls for time by challenging them to solve a riddle in exchange for the (non-existent) Collection piece in the safe on his head.

Tsukasa bursts back into Juror, demanding to see Kairi. To her surprise Kairi appears at the door to the back room. Jim Carter sneaks away from the distracted Lupinrangers and coincidentally heads down the same dead end that the Porderman previously used. He leans against the wall only to fall through a hidden door. The Patrangers have left the bistro and “Kairi” removes his disguise to reveal that he’s really Kogure. At the plant “Lupin Blue” and “Lupin Yellow” reveal they are clones of the real Kairi made using the Good Striker’s power that then disguised themselves as their two colleagues.

Kairi hears Jim Carter’s cries for help and investigates. He finds the hidden door and discovers a secret Gangler facility where Gauche has been experimenting on humans. As Kairi fights Gauche’s Pordermen Keiichiro enters and rescues Jim and the other prisoners. Gauche reveals that one of her pieces of the Collection, which resembles a pair of binoculars, can reveal “all of” a person to her. She makes four Pordermen grow to giant size. Their growth destroys the facility and Kairi summons his Dial Fighter to escape.

Free from the watchful eyes of the law, Touma and Umika arrive in their Dial Fighters. They combine with the Good Striker to form Lupin Kaiser and defeat the quartet of giant Pordermen. Afterwards, Kairi asks Kogure to investigate the binoculars and determine what Gauche meant. Meanwhile the Patrangers are still trying to figure out the answer to Jim Carter’s earlier riddle.

What is the binoculars’ true power? How long will it be before suspicion falls upon the Lupinrangers again? Did you figure out Jim’s riddle? As always, please share your thoughts with us in the comments, in our forum or on our Facebook page.


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