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Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where it’s dangerous to be related to Riders or Rangers. Kamen Rider Build continues its themes of identity, but also changes the mood by shifting the thrust of the story over to Ryuga (Cross-Z), who is about as close to a comedic relief character as the show gets. It seems that he too has a mysterious and unknown past, but unlike Sento he never recovered it until now. Meanwhile in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger the tone is shifting in a more serious way, as Kaito (Lupin Red) finds that his target has a similar family situation to him, prompting him to try and help the very person he’s also trying to rob. However, events outside of his control seem to make his chances of seeing his brother again about as remote as Ryuga’s chances of seeing his parents. Which show did you enjoy the most this week? Do you enjoy it when Build lightens the mood or do you prefer its serious war drama? Do you like it when LvP digs into deeper territory or do you prefer your Sentai antics to be light-hearted? As always, let us know in all the usual places and keep an eye out for more articles on Henshin Justice!


Kamen Rider Build, Episode 30
“The Truth of the Pandora’s Box”

Queen Vernage re-appears and immediately shoots a blast at Soichi (Blood Stark) that is strong enough to instantly cancel his transformation. He fires a blast back at her which is intercepted by Ryuga (Cross-Z) and damages his Sclash Driver. Vernage teleports herself and the Riders away. Back at the cafe Vernage confirms that she does not have long left to live and that the one who used Pandora’s Box to destroy Mars was called Evolt. She asks Ryuga if he knows who he is and states that he will “become hope” before passing out. The others recap the events on Mars using toy figures, then puzzle over her comments about Banjou and he reveals that he cannot remember his parents’ deaths that occurred around the time that the Box was brought to Earth. Ryuga causes a rock he’s holding to burn up and reveal a Bottle that had been trapped within it.

Misora awakens in her bed just before Sento’s (Build) knocks Ryuga out in an attempt to create a power-up for him. Sento says he will re-capture Pandora’s Box before Vernage dies. The next morning the news reports that Build has been charged with treason. As he is no longer a part of Touto’s military, Sento is free to try to reclaim the Box. He charges in on his bike, dodging fire from the Hard Guardians guarding the Tower. Eventually they blast him from his bike but Ryuga and Kazumi (Grease) appear to back him up. Inside the tower, Soichi has a conversation with himself in both his normal voice and his modulated ‘Blood Stark’ voice, suggesting Soichi might also be possessed by a Martian.

The Riders attack the united Hard Guardians and make their way into the Tower through a door that opens for them. Once inside they encounter the Washio brothers and a pair of Hard Guardians. The brothers transform and attack. Sento gives Ryuga his newly developed Magma Knuckle weapon. Initially it seems useless but Ryuga soon figures it out. They are then interrupted as the room itself attacks the Riders, as Soichi reveals that he can manipulate the Tower’s structure at will. Back at the lab, Sawa tells Misora that she has been looking into Ryuga’s mysterious past and he may not be human.

Could Evolt be the being possessing Soichi/Stark? Is Ryuga really a non-human? Do you enjoy the developing tagteam of Ryuga and Kazumi? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, in our forum or on our Facebook page!

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 09
“To See Them Again”

The Lupinrangers’ new target is the French jewellery designer Ema Goldini, who has come to exhibit her work in Japan. Kogure believes her pendant is really a piece of the Lupin Collection that had already disappeared before the Ganglers stole the rest. The trio are conducting some recon when Ema is attacked by a Gangler called Bletz. The Lupinrangers swoop in to save her but Bletz points out that they are also trying to steal the pendant, causing Ema to run from her ersatz rescuers. While Touma (LupinBlue) and Umika (LupinYellow) battle Bletz and his Pordermen, Kairi (Lupin Red) continues his pursuit of Ema in disguise. The Patrangers arrive and quickly fight their way through to Bletz only to watch him and the two remaining Lupinrangers escape.

Kairi tries to buy the pendant from Ema, who misunderstands and believes that he has been employed by her estranged sister. The Patrangers figure out that Bletz was after Ema’s pendant, and plan to continue the exhibition the next day in order to lure Bletz out with a fake. Back at bistro Jurer, Ema explains the situation with her sister, which is very similar to the relationship Kairi had with his brother. However, once Kairi’s brother was killed by Zamigo he has realised he will do anything to see him again. Both Beltz and the Lupinrangers see the news report explaining that the exhibition will go ahead the next day. The Lupinrangers realise it is a police trap and plan for Touma and Umika to go there in order to swipe Bletz’s Collection piece while Kairi continues to try and get hold of Ema’s pendant. Unbeknownst to them, Ema is eavesdropping on them and realises who they really are.

The next day Bletz predictably walks straight into the Patrangers’ trap but Touma and Umika interfere. Ema reveals that she knows who Kairi is his real goal. Kairi explains that he needs the pendant to save his brother. Their conversation is interrupted when Destra attacks them. They manage to escape but falling rubble blocks their escape. In the calm, Ema decides to give her pendant to Kairi. When Destra clears the rubble to get to them, Kairi uses the pendant to lure him away from Ema before attaching it to his VS Changer and summoning the Scissors Dial Fighter. He flies away, causing Destra to deploy another of his giant Golams before retreating.

The other five rangers are battling Bletz. The Lupinrangers spot their chance and dash towards him to break into his safe. However, Keiichiro (Patren #1) uses the Biker Trigger Machine to fire a blast at the Gangler, destroying him and the Lupin Collection piece within his safe. The two Lupinrangers are distraught as they are no longer able to complete the collection and save their relatives. The Patrangers are about to arrest them when they spot the Golam and Good Striker appears to help them fight it. Despite the Good Striker’s protests, the Patrangers target both the Golam and the Scissors Dial Fighter. Good Striker ejects the Patrangers, and Kairi takes out the Golam. He then returns to the bistro to show off his latest treasure, only to be informed by the others of the destruction of the Collection Piece.

Have the Lupinrangers really lost their chance to recover their loved ones? Were you disappointed that the Patrangers had barely any focus in this episode? Could you outrun a rolling energy blast? We’d love to discuss the episode with you in our forum or on our Facebook page!


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