Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where protagonists always find the strength to rise from defeat and fight on to victory! Kamen Rider Build recounts Ryuga’s hitherto secluded backstory, while Ryuga demonstrates his conversion from sidekick to hero in his own right by coming back from a quick defeat and finds the inner strength to save his friends from certain death. Meanwhile, over in Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger the Lupinrangers are reeling from last week’s disaster but their inability to give up leads them back to each other and – thanks to a monster-of-the-week with a useful hidden ability – back on the hunt again. As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on Super Hero Time, so please come and join us over in our forum or on our Facebook page!


Kamen Rider Build, Episode 31
“Surging Magma!”

It’s time to delve into Ryuga Banjou’s (Cross-Z) past, as Sawa recounts what she has uncovered to Misora. 13 years before the manned mission that brought Pandora’s Box to Earth, an unmanned probe made a return trip to Mars. Once it was returned to Earth it was examined by Nanba Heavy Industries. One of the security guards assigned to protect the probe was Yuri Banjou, who collapsed one day while on duty. She was given a medical examination afterwards that revealed she was one month pregnant. However, the baby grew with extreme speed and after only another month she gave birth. The child, Ryuga, was regularly tested to figure out how he had developed so fast, though it seems he has no recollection of this. Some of those tests discovered elements of alien DNA within his body. The scientist in charge of studying Ryuga was Sento’s (Build) father.

Meanwhile, last week’s battle rages on a beach recreated within Pandora’s Tower, and Gentoku (Rogue) appears to join in. He reveals to Ryuga that Soichi (Blood Stark) has his girlfriend killed just to increase his Hazard Level and tells Sento that Seito’s Prime Minister is Nanba in disguise. He only mentions the latter after the Washio brothers have been knocked out, as he claims Nanba have put a chip in him that will remotely kill him if he tries to betray them.

Ryuga, Sento and Kazumi (Grease) enter another part of the tower where Soichi is waiting with the Box and two Clone Smashes. While the other two handle the clones, Ryuga confronts Soichi, only to be defeated with ease. Soichi fires a beam from Pandora’s Box at Ryuga which is taken by Sento, cancelling his transformation. When Soichi threatens to kill Sento in front of him, Ryuga rises again and uses hidden powers to take the energy from a second beam and use it to complete the Dragon Magma Full Bottle. He transforms into Cross-Z Magma and dispatches the clones before fending off Soichi. When Ryuga touches Pandora’s Box he is also able to reconfigure the Tower. He uses this ability to make an exit which the three Riders use to escape. As they leave Soichi comments that the vessel is now complete and he only needs the ultimate Driver.

Did you enjoy Ryuga’s transformation from everyman caught in a bad situation over to Martian destined to save us all? Or would you have preferred they keep him as he was? Was Gentoku telling the truth or do you think this is the just beginning of yet another scheme? Share your thought with us in the comments below, in our forum, or on our Facebook page.


Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 10
“It’s Not Over Yet”

Kairi (Lupin Red) has just heard that Bletz and his piece of the Collection have gone up in smoke, and he’s not taking the news well. He storms out and soon after encounters Keiichiro (Patren #1), who mentions offhandedly that he saw a weirdo eating ice. Kairi realises that he must have unwittingly spotted Zamigo. Driven by his anger, Kairi starts tracking Zamigo and eventually makes his way to an abandoned warehouse where he confronts the monster that killed his brother.

Umika (LupinYellow) and Touma (LupinBlue) haven’t given up either. They return to the scene of their last battle to see if any remnants of the treasure remain. They recall that Bletz didn’t become a giant and it gives them hope that perhaps the Gangler managed to escape. Umika gives Sakuya (Patran #2) a little prod in order to get the Patrangers to begin searching for Bletz. They quickly track him down as the Gangler visits Zamigo, and both the Patrangers and Lupinrangers converge on the same warehouse Kairi had entered.

While the Patrangers fight with Bletz, the Lupinrangers have a quiet moment to catch each other up on events. They reaffirm their commitment to saving their loved ones and step back into action. Umika and Touma once again head after Bletz’s treasure while Kairi heads after Zamigo. The Lupinrangers and Patrangers discover the special ability that saved Bletz’s life; He can moult his carapace which continues on while he escapes. Touma restrains Bletz, allowing Umika to rush in and take his treasure before the Patrangers take him out with a team attack. Kairi is on the back foot against Zamigo until he uses the Scissors Dial Fighter, which gives him a shield and a boomerang. With his new armament he can equal Zamigo, who retreats. The Good Striker was impressed waith the way Kairi fought and so teams up with the Lupinrangers to destroy Bletz’s giant form. Back at the cafe, Kairi and Touma prevent Umika from mentioning Zamigo to Kogure in case he betrays them in the future.

The Lupinrangers have had a reprieve but can they keep the Lupin Collection safe and intact? Will Kairi vs Zamigo continue all season or will their rivalry quickly conclude? How long will it be until Kogure turns on the Lupinrangers? Let us know what you think in the comments below, in our forum, or on our Facebook page.


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