Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where good things can come back to bite you. This week’s episode of Kamen Rider Build sees a freshly cured Sento trying to save his best bud only to ultimately end up bringing the final Full Bottle to Evolt, with apocalyptic results. Over in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger it seems as if the Global Police are in for a stroke of luck when they stumble across a new VS Vehicle that will help them with their current investigation. Of course there’s a sting in the tail that could have lasting consequences for Keiichiro.

Is the world of Build really coming to an early end? Can Ryuga regain control of his own body? How can the Patrangers save their leader? We’d love to hear your theories in the comments below, in our forum or on our Facebook page.

Super Hero Synopses will be absent next week while I dose myself with Nebula Gas in a bid to raise my Hazard Level. But we’ll be back again the week after for the final episodes of the month. Until then please keep checking in with Henshin Justice for more news and articles!

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 35
“Tower of Destruction”

It’s only been seconds since the poison left his body, yet Sento (Build) nevertheless follows Evolt into the building where Pandora’s Box was hidden. The two fight but it’s clear Sento is far from top form. Evolt recounts again how he got here from Mars and explains the role Sento’s dad played in helping him. He then knocks Sento out of his transformation before telling him that he was cured because he still has something to do. He then leaves with the Box. Sawa and Kazumi (Grease) find Soichi’s unconscious body outside in the rubble. He is taken to the hospital while Sento is taken back to his lab.

After Kazumi’s done fantasizing, Sento wakes up. He realizes that Evolt doesn’t have all the Bottles yet, and contacts Gentoku (Rogue). Gentoku comes to the cafe but he wasn’t alone. Evolt had become invisible and slipped in. He knocks Misora out and takes the three Riders to Pandora’s Tower. He completes another panel and adds it to the box before the four transform and fight. Gentoku and Kazumi try to distract Evolt so that Sento can reclaim some of the Bottles, but the pair are quickly knocked all the way out of the tower, leaving the fight one-on-one.

Sento uses some of the Bottle around him to change between Hazard versions of some of his Best Matches, trying different fighting styles in vein to try and stop Evolt. When the Hazard Trigger starts to affect him again he switches over to TankTank form. It seems as if Sento is finally gaining the upper hand until Evolt speaks in Ryuga’s (Cross-Z) voice to distract him, allowing him to hit Sento with Ryuga’s own sword finisher. Evolt completes the panels and announces that the Earth is finished as Pandora’s Tower rises to completion.

How will the Riders stop Pandora’s Tower from destroying the Earth? Were Pandora’s Box and Evolt both originally from Mars or another world altogether? Why does Sento have white hair in the preview? We’d love to hear your theories in our forum or on our Facebook page.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 14
“The Trap Is Set”

A mysterious rumble is coming from the mountains and Keiichiro (Patren #1) is determined to find out what the cause is. He’s motivated by a promise he gave to a school boy that he would solve it before their school trip to the area the next week is cancelled. When Keiichiro was that age, a policeman (played by Patren #1’s suit actor, Takada Masashi) promised him he’d catch a criminal in the area and delivered. It inspired him to join the police and he in turn wants to be that inspiration to the next generation.

As they return to the station they encounter a man being chased by a Gangler. They engage but the Gangler, Togeno Aves, escapes. The man gives them an item he found: The Drill Trigger Machine. Jim Carter has figured out that the rumbling noise is coming from an object hidden under the ground. Keiichiro convinces Commissioner Hilltop to skip the usual checks performed on new Lupin Collection items at the Global Police HQ and allow them to use it immediately to investigate.

Unbeknownst to the Patrangers, Togeno has teamed up with another Gangler, Odordo Maximov. Odordo is eager to have his revenge on the Global Police, as they unwittingly crushed his brother Anidara with Pat Kaiser back in episode four’s battle against Loveroom Jaws. As Keiichiro drills under the ground, a small device on the cockpit ceiling activates and fires poisoned spikes into his back. Though barely conscious he insists on continuing forwards.

With Dogranio present to witness, the two Ganglers attack Sakuya (Patran #2) and Tsukasa (Patran #3). Tsukasa manages to deflect some of Togeno’s poison spikes into Odordo, weakening him and providing Sakuya with an opening to destroy him. Dogranio blows up the entire battlefield, delivering major damage to both the Patrangers and Togeno. Gauche revives Odordo but the Patrangers are unable to fight him. Suddenly Keiichiro appears piloting the source of the noise, the Crane Trigger Vehicle, which he uses to destroy Odordo before finally passing out.

Were you impressed by the sheer power of the Ganglers’ boss, Dogranio? What the Patrangers ever discover why Odordo had such a grudge against them? Will the Crane and Drill Trigger Machines provide new weapons as Blade and Scissors did? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, in our forum or on our Facebook page.


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