It’s been a long two weeks, but I’m back with a Hazard Level one stage higher than when I left, so all that remains is for me to say <deeply inhales> Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where you can never be sure whether the person you are talking to is really who they seem to be. Kamen Rider Build sees Evolt attempt to leave behind his parasitic status and become his own complete being again, while his former host Ryuga (Cross-Z)  would settle for just being able to transform again. Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger sees things get even crazier, as humans, Ganglers and animals are all taking over each other’s bodies as they delve into a classic ‘body swap’ episode.

On a different track, since the last edition of Super Hero Synopses it’s been confirmed that the latest Ultra series, Ultraman R/B, will begin airing in early July. Assuming that there will be a legal stream of it as with other recent entries in the franchise, would there be any interest in covering it as a part of this series? Even more so than usual, I really would like to hear your feedback concerning this in the comments, over on our forum, or on our Facebook page.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 37
“The Ultimate Phase”

Evolt has switched hosts from Ryuga (Cross-Z) to Sento (Build) and in the process has gained his third stage form. Meanwhile Ryuga discovers that he has been left in a normal human state and is now unable to transform or use the power of the Full Bottles. Kazumi (Grease) is no match for Evolt alone so the alien takes his leave in order to recover Pandora’s Box from the cafe. However, Queen Vernage senses his approach and uses her power to teleport the entire cafe to a different location to keep the Box safe.

Ryuga and Kazumi go to Gentoku (Rogue) and ask him to change Ryuga into a Rider once again, but Gentoku is unable to help them as he was only the lab manager and knows nothing of the process. Ryuga then asks Gentoku to fight alongside Kazumi in his place but with his father’s death Gentoku has also lost his reason for fighting. Evolt calls and demands that the Box be brought to him within the hour or he will kill Sento, and Kazumi resolves to face Evolt alone as Sento would have done.

Ryuga and Kazumi bring the box to the specified location and Evolt arrives with the Hell Brothers in tow. He sends the brothers to fight Kazumi, who is on the back foot until Gentoku arrives to face Evolt. During their fight Ryuga tries to tackle Evolt, who throws him aside, but his real goal was to obtain the Dragon Evolbottle on Evolt’s belt. Finding that the Bottle still responds to him, Ryuga inserts it into the Cross-Z Dragon, upgrading it and transforming him into Great Cross-Z and then later onto Cross-Z Magma. The three Riders attack together but Evolt absorbs the power of their finishing moves with the Evol Trigger, providing it with the energy required to activate. Evolt transforms into his Black Hole form and abandons Sento’s body. When Sento comes around he has lost his recent memories and is once again Katsuragi Takumi.

Will Takumi join the other Riders in Sento’s place? Can Evolt be taken down with the power of ‘love and peace’? Where on Earth did the cafe end up? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this latest episode with us in the comments below, in our forum, or on our Facebook page.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 16
“Because We’re Friends”

The Lupinrangers are shopping for supplies when they stumble across a Gangler, Manta, attacking a wedding chapel. Manta demonstrates his ability to swap the bodies of two lifeforms. Initially he swaps Umika (Lupin Yellow) with a dove, but Touma (Lupin Blue) tricks him into swapping them straight back. Manta then tries to swap Touma with the dove but the beam ends up deflecting back at him and swapping him with Touma.

The Patrangers arrive and attack Touma in the Gangler’s body, allowing the real Manta to escape. He bumps into a pair of school girls and befriends them. The other two Lupinrangers sneak Touma (in the Gangler’s body) back to cafe Juror, only for the Patrangers to come straight by. The Lupinrangers try to hide Touma and explain that they are closed because he isn’t feeling well. The Patrangers leave only to see “Touma” cavorting with a group of school girls.

Kairi (Lupin Red) confronts Manta but is unable to hurt the Gangler in his friend’s body. Manta is quite happy where he is and escapes. Kairi returns to the cafe and has a talk with the real Touma, who urges him to defeat the Gangler regardless of what happens to him. The next morning the three Lupinrangers meet up with Manta to challenge him to a duel with the Collection Piece out of his old body’s safe as the prize.

After a brief back-and-forth, Kairi manages to cancel Manta’s transformation and has him at point blank range. When it seems Kairi will actually fire, Manta triggers the body reversion and Kairi seemingly shoots his friend. However, when Manta tries to attack Umika he is shot by Touma, who survived the attack. Kairi had gambled that Manta would switch back rather than die, and so adjusted his aim to a non-vital area and fired his gun through his own hand in order to take as much power out of the shot as possible. The three Lupinrangers show off all their powers as they defeat Manta in both his normal and giant forms. Later on, the Patrangers come by and Tsukasa (Patran #3) berates Touma for seemingly tricking his colleagues into thinking he was ill so he could have a day off.

Will Kairi make a habit of almost blowing his own fingers off? Are the police really not bothered about the grown man hanging out with doting schoolgirls? After body swaps and gender swaps, what other weird things will happen to these Rangers’ bodies? Come and share your craziest theories and other thoughts on the series with us in the comments below, in our forum, or on our Facebook page.


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