The reign of the Century King continues into the 21st century, as this new Kamen Rider Black fan offering returns the hero to the battlefield to protect a maiden in her hour of need.

The 1987 series Rider Kicked off to wide acclaim, to date, the only transforming hero in the mainstream Kamen Rider television franchise to ever have a successive sequel series. The following year’s Kamen Rider Black RX may not have made as many waves as its beloved predecessor, but it did become known internationally when Saban Entertainment plucked it out of the east and repurposed it for the American Masked Rider series. Though that too would have a rough time impressing fans of the genre, it may be partly responsible for bringing more awareness to the cherished original franchise. Suffice it to say, there’s history behind those clinched fists.

And that’s where we catch up with Kamen Ramen Studios, on their latest fan adventure. They may be known to some as the makers of the Black Panther vs. Wolf Ranger video, or the many other Power Rangers-related pieces they’ve put out over the last year. Some still whisper of the Henshin Justice convention videos that crossed the interwebs in ages past.

And now, we come to their next project, the short but sweet Kamen Rider Black send-up, featuring Youtuber Sloan the Female Otaku.


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