Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where it’s finally time to tackle the third member of the big three henshin hero franchises!

It’s certainly been a strange few days: While the last three Ultra Series (Ultraman X, Ultraman Orb, and Ultraman Geed) were simulcast by streaming hub Crunchyroll, there has (as of the time of writing) not been a peep out of them regarding the latest series, Ultraman R/B, even as the show’s first episode was broadcast over in Japan. However, all has not been lost. As they have done with the last few series, Tsuburaya Productions posted the first episode to Youtube to allow Japanese viewers who missed the show to catch up, but they declined to region-lock it. A number of valiant fans stepped up and added English subtitles via Youtube’s submission system, allowing English-speaking fans to continue supporting the show via an official source.

Please note that Tsuburaya will likely remove this episode from Youtube when episode two is broadcast.
Therefore if you wish to watch this episode you will have to do so before Saturday, July 14th.

Ultraman R/B, Episode 01
“Ultraman Begins”

Our story begins in the clothing boutique ‘Quattro M’. Katsu is attending to a pair of customers while his father Ushio puts the final touches on a custom T-shirt that Fourze would be proud of. Katsu’s brother Isami brings his latest experiment downstairs. The two customers inquire as to what he is doing. He explains that he is a college student studying “space archeology” – the process of analysing satellite imagery of the Earth to find clues as to what the surface was like thousands of years ago. This is the same field of interest that their mother was in, until she disappeared 15 years ago. Later that evening a monster appears in the mountains and is spotted by a couple on a date. It’s appearance also leaves a trace in the records of Isami’s experiment. The next morning Isami sees the reports on the news and goes to search the area, with his protective elder brother accompanying him.

While the brothers investigate near a park on the mountainside a giant monster resembling a local legendary creature known as Grigio suddenly appears. The duo flee but when they spot a mother looking for her son, Katsu asks his brother to distract the monster while he helps reunite them. He manages to do so but Grigio is headed straight for Isami. As his brother runs to help him, Grigio breathes fire and the brothers are seemingly consumed by the flames. They awaken in a blank void where they are presented with two R/B Gyros and the crystals representing Ultraman Taro and Ultraman Ginga. The brothers use these and transform into Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu!

The two initially struggle as they clearly have limited fighting experience, but they gradually become accustomed to their new-found powers and begin experimenting with trading crystals to determine how this affects the abilities granted to them. Eventually they figure out how to combine their attacks and defeat the monster before returning to normal. The pair lay unconscious on the ground until they are discovered by their younger sister Asahi, who had been sent by their father to bring them home to mark their missing mother’s birthday.

Are you a fan of the Ultraman franchise? What did you think of the first episode of this new series? How did you think it stacks up against other season premier episodes? What dangers will the brothers have to face this season? As always please share your enthusiasm for all things Ultra on our Facebook page, in our forum or just down in the comments area below. Suwatch!


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