Ultraman R/B, Episode 02
“A Bond Between Siblings”

Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where testing your powers can be almost as dangerous as repelling a monster attack!

The Minato brothers are testing out their new powers in the dead of night. Three minutes, two falls from orbit and a destroyed mountain peak later, everyone for miles around is probably now awake. The next morning the brothers see a news report on the monster battle from the previous episode, and are disappointed to discover that they are also referred to as ‘fierce creatures’. Local magnate Makoto Aizen is interviewed and hints that he might know the term “Ultraman”, but fails to actually say it aloud.

While eating their lunches the brother disagree about the need to keep their new identities secret. Isami wants to reveal it freely but Katsumi is more cautious, especially given the public reaction they saw on the television earlier. While Katsumi leaves to rescue the family business from their father’s misguided enthusiasm, Isami is approached by their sister Asahi, who attempts to smooth things over. At that moment Black King appears and attacks the city. Isami runs off and attempts to find a place to transform without being seen, but is followed by Asahi. Meanwhile Kastumi tries to get his father to flee as the monster approaches the part of the city they live in.

Black King destroys the building closest to Isami, trapping him under some rubble. With his R/B Gyro out of reach, he is helpless as his sister attempts to free him. Katsumi approaches the scene and unveils his Gyro in order to transform, only for it to show him a vision of Isami’s current point of view, informing him of his siblings’ situation. Black King unleashes another blast which knocks Asahi unconscious. Katsumi catches her as she falls and manages to free his brother from the rubble. The duo take their sister to their father who takes her to safety.

The pair transform and fight off Black King, earning applause from the grateful citizens. When they return to their shop Makoto Aizen is on the TV again, and the brothers are shocked when he uses the term “Ultraman”. Asahi is teasing their father about their mother’s words for him in her diary, and when he attempts to take it from her they end up dropping it. It falls open on a page featuring drawings of the crystals that the brothers use to transform, leaving them with a new mystery to investigate.

Is Makoto Aizen a friend or an enemy? How did their mother know about the R/B powers? Would you wear any of these kooky t-shirts? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our forum. And please like and share this article if you enjoyed it. See you next week!


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