Lupin X / Patren X has made his debut into the Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger television series, and of course that means new toys. Today, we have 3 sets for you all: the DX X Changer set, the DX X Train Fire set, and the DX X Train Thunder set.

The X Changer consists of X Train Gold and Silver, two individual trains that cannot combine into one like in the show. In this form, X Train Gold’s section can make train noises when the trigger is in the proper position. The two X Trains can combine side to side to make the X Changer. When rotated into the right position, the trigger will now make gun shot sounds. Rotating the gun now actives the henshin. Depending on whether X Train Gold or X Train Silver is facing forward will determine the form you make. From there, the toy can alternate forms by changing the forward facing train or rotate either section 360 degrees to change to the Train summoning sounds. After summoning X Train Gold or X Train Silver, pulling the trigger will activate the X Gattai and form either X Emperor Slash or X Emperor Gunner depending on the train summoned. Overall, this is a fantastic set. It’s a really fun changer and, when combined with the other sets, it makes for a fun mecha as well.

Now for the two stand alone trains. X Train Fire and Thunder are pretty basic VS Vehicles. They have “attack modes” though this time around there is no gimmick that activates anything, it must all be done manually. These two trains have both attack and summoning sounds in the DX VS Changer as you would expect. Outside of the VS Changer, these two can be arms or legs for both versions of X Emperor, or just arms for LupinKaiser or PatKaiser. I have to say, I really like these guys as arms for the previous mecha. They are a bit too large and bulky, but I personally find that preferable to the scrawnier arms the mecha usually have in their base forms. The real payoff of this set though, is being able to make X Emperor, so I really only recommend them if you buy them with the DX X Changer.

Now, after taking a look at the DX X Changer and the DX X Train Thunder and Fire sets, it’s time to put them all together. X Emperor is the most fun mecha to transform that I have seen in a long long time in Super Sentai. The two modes are, admittedly, far from the best looking mecha we’ve seen in Sentai, but again, it’s the journey that’s more fun here, not the destination. The combining process is very unique and switching from mode to mode is fantastically fun and simple. On top of it all, these are some of the best articulated mecha I’ve seen in a while. They’re not insanely poseable but, compared to the usual brick-y standards of mecha and megazords, I’d say these guys are a noticeable step up.

Now, from here, you can add Pat/LupinKaiser to the mix to create Good Cool Kaiser VSX, but honestly why would you? These mecha are far better separated than they are together. To call this form a cluster or a mess is an understatement. The feet don’t hold together and the top half is far too busy for my liking. Overall, this final form has some genuine issues, both structurally and aesthetically, but this mode is easily ignored.

These 3 sets are worth it for X Emperor, the X Changer, and the sounds you get out of the VS Changer alone. Even with my dislike for the final combined mode, I can’t be upset because these sets have so much to offer. These are a must own for any LvP fan.


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