Ultraman R/B, Episode 03
“Welcome To Aizentech”

As their father is unable to provide them with any answers, the three Minato siblings pay a visit to her former employer at Aizentech. Makoto Aizen arrives on a jet-pack to meet them, and after getting hit by a mysterious stone bird, which he shrugs off surprisingly easily, he leads them on a brief tour of the facilities. While Asahi is distracted with testing a new prototype pair of “powered footgear”, Makoto takes the brothers to his office to talk with them. He explains (with the help of a rice cracker) his theory that the Ayaka Comet was in reality a trio of giant organisms that arrived from space together. He describes the pictures from their mother’s diary as fragments of the beings that remained after the impact. He further believes that two of the beings were “giants of light” that he refers to as Ultramen. He was working with their mother in order to research this theory and find some proof.

At this point they are interrupted by the emergence of a giant monster. The three follow an evacuation route towards a shelter in the basement of the building. On the way Makoto asks why the brothers were interested in their mother’s work, but cannot get an answer before Asahi catches up with them. While Makoto escorts Asahi to the basement, the brothers slip away and transform. The monster, Gargorgon, has a hidden eye from which it can fire a petrifying beam. While the brothers struggle with it, one of these beams reflects off a skyscraper and hits Isami (Blu), turning him to stone. As Katsumi struggles with the monster, he notices his two horns glowing and reaches up to them. The two parts of the R/B Slugger emerge and he uses them to damage the Gargorgon’s eye, reversing his brother’s petrification.

Isami summons his own R/B Slugger and the two continue to battle the Gargorgon. Katsumi devises a plan to defeat it. They swap crystals and lure the monster into using it’s beam again. Katsumi uses his water powers to create a reflecting lens which starts to petrify the Gargorgon’s legs, and the Ultramen use the Cross Slugger attack to destroy it. While the brothers return home, Makoto Aizen returns the Gargorgan’s crystal to his collection and goes out to recruit someone else.

Were Makoto Aizen’s quick recoveries from injury just comedic relief, or do they indicate that he isn’t human? What reason does he have for summoning monsters? Were can I get a jet-pack like that?! To discuss R/B or any other Ultra Series, come and join us in our forum, on our Facebook page or dive into the comments below!


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