Ultraman R/B, Episode 04
“The Winning Ball of Light”

Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where sometimes doing your duty can mean missing the big game.

Katsumi (Rosso) is playing baseball as part of his local district’s team. Following on from the game their coach, Kumashiro, announces that their next game against their local rivals will be his last before retiring. Katsumi is determined that they will win the game to ensure that their coach goes out on a high note and despite having no idea how he puts the team into intense training to ensure their victory.

This confuses Asahi until Isami (Blu) explains that Kumashiro was their brother’s high school coach who not only fostered Katsumi’s initial love of the game. Katsumi continued to play into college and might have been scouted until he dropped out following their mother’s disappearance. Later on, Kumashiro got him into the local team and back in love with the game, hence his importance to Katsumi.

Katsumi’s methods eventually cause the team to turn on him, but he is pulled out of the argument by his brother, whose sensors have detected another monster in the mountains. The pair leave and face Red King who runs them ragged. Katsumi tries throwing some water blasts like baseballs for extra momentum, only for Red King to target his shoulder as Red King defeats the brothers in convincing fashion.

Katsumi returns to the training ground only to find that none of his teammates have turned up. Kumashiro appears and notices Katsumi’s injury. He mentions that he saw the Ultramen fight on TV and has clearly put two and two together and realised Katsumi was one of them. Kumashiro speaks to Katsumi about the importance of everyone performing their own duty, before producing a box and explaining his own duty – his family had passed three crystals down through the years in wait of “someone worthy” to give them to. Kumashiro decides to hand the crystals to Katsumi as a farewell gift.

The next day Katsumi arrives at the game to see his teammates have forgiven him and are determined to play as best they can. Makoto Aizen has turned up to watch from the sidelines, but part way through the game he sneaks away to summon Red King again. Not wanting to spoil his brother’s game, Isami leaves alone to face the monster. Katsumi quickly notices his absence and realises what has gone on. Coach Kumashiro also realises what must be happening and reminds him to do his duty before subbing for him so that Katsumi can go to fight.

Katsumi makes it just in time to get his brother out of a tight spot. They continue to struggle against Red King, who continues to target Katsumi’s shoulder. Katsumi uses the Ultraman Zero crystal in his R/B Slugger, but his shoulder injury prevents him from using it properly. Isami cools the injury with his water powers which allows Katsumi to use the move and defeat Red King. Back at the ballpark the game has finished but Kumashiro insists it was a great game and sendoff for him.

What new powers will the Ultraman X and Ultra Seven crystals provide? Was the baseball team named the white bears after their coach (“kuma” = bear, “shiro” = white) or is he given that as a nickname because he coached the team? What on Earth did the other spectators think was going on when Makoto Aizen was shouting “Hooray!” in the restroom? Let us know what you thought on this episode in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or in our forum, and look out for more great articles here on Henshin Justice Unlimited!


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