Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where heroes can only survive by working together. It’s a lesson that both phantom thieves and global police must reluctantly learn this week in Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger as Lymon gives the first demonstration as to what the higher ranked, golden safe owning Ganglers can really do. Meanwhile in Kamen Rider Build the main problem every Rider has is always attempting to carry their burdens alone and it seems that the ghosts of Grease’s past have come back to haunt him and set up a big cliffhanger.

And it is indeed a cliffhanger because there will be no episode of Kamen Rider Build this coming week. It’s being bumped for the televised opening ceremony of a nation-wide Japanese high school baseball championship. We will, however, still get our dose of Sentai to keep us going in the meantime.

Will sporting events always be the one enemy Kamen Rider cannot overcome? Will Kazumi’s little imaginary angel and devil return again? Does Noel really trust his allies on either team? Tell Henshin Justice Unlimited what you thought of this week’s episodes in the comments below or on social media, and keep stopping by for more articles and news.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 46
“An Oath To Be The One

Evolt is making a public broadcast in which he reveals his true form and intentions to the public before challenging the Riders to one final battle. Meanwhile in their cafe, Ryuga (Cross-Z) uses the Hazard Trigger to summon the white Pandora panel. Sento (Build) informs the others that it has the ability to cross into parallel dimensions and unveils his grand plan to merge their dimension with a parallel world in order to create a new reality free of Evolt.

Later on, Kazumi (Grease) approaches Sento about creating a power-up for him as he feels he’s falling behind. Sento reveals that the Blizzard Knuckle was created for him, but that he can only use it as a weapon as its power would destroy him if he attempted to transform. Kazumi points out that it isn’t compatible with a Sclash Driver anyway so he doesn’t have the option to transform with it. They are interrupted by Misora who announces that they’re going to have a BBQ on the roof terrace. Sento and Ryuga watch as the others have fun, observing that this is what they’ve been fighting for all this time.

The next morning Evolt emerges from Pandora’s Tower with an army of Hard Guardians. As the gathered crowd flees in terror the Riders approach. Evolt reveals that he has a game planned. They must meet him at the top of the tower and for every ten minutes that they make him wait he will destroy an area. To emphasise his point, he summons a black hole that consumes a section of the city and its inhabitants.

The Riders transform and enter the tower only to be confronted with recreations of Kazumi’s deceased friends, the Hokuto Trio. Kazumi insists on dealing with them while the others continue to climb the tower. During the fight Kazumi lets his grief out, telling the imitations how he still remembers the real versions’ final moments and his regret at being unable to save them. Unable to match them in his usual form, Kazumi reveals that he took Shinobu Katsuragi’s Build Driver and uses it with the Blizzard Knuckle to become Grease Blizzard.

Will Kazumi survive this fight or has he sealed his fate? What other surprises does Evolt have planned for his “game” with the Riders? Is it just me or does Sento’s plan to merge dimension somehow seem like this is turning into a Decade prequel? As always feel free to come and talk about the show with us over on our Facebook page, in our forum, or in the comments below!

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 25
“I’ll Make You Stronger Than Ever”

Lymon defeated the Global Police’s mechs but the Patrangers managed to escape. Noel (X) was recovered by the Lupinrangers and wakes up in Kairi’s (Lupin Red) room. As he looks at a photo of Kairi alongside his older brother, Kairi enters with some food. Noel riles Kairi up by mentioning his brother before observing that Kairi doesn’t trust him yet. Kairi replies by observing that Noel doesn’t trust the phantom thieves yet either.

Lymon approaches Zamigo again and asks if he had considered his offer to work together. Zamigo believes that Lymon just wants him as a subordinate and turns him down, causing Lymon to attack him. The fight between the Ganglers causes enough destruction to alert both teams. The Patrangers attack Lymon, giving Zamigo an opportunity to slip away. The detectives quickly discover that the ability of Lymon’s Collection piece is to rapidly heal him even if his body is physically ripped apart.

Noel arrives and unsuccessfully attempts to break into Lymon’s golden safe only to be knocked back out of his transformation. The Lupinrangers arrive as Noel analyses his failed cracking attempt and realises that as the gold safes have a six-digit code, two VS Vehicles working together should be able to crack it. He also admits that he is fighting to restore a loved one too. The Lupinrangers attack but Lymon realises what they are attempting to do. He knocks Touma (Lupin Blue) and Umika (Lupin Yellow) out of the fight but Kairi uses the Scissors shield to avoid a similar fate.

The Patrangers regroup and Tsukasa (Patren #3) persuades the others to assist Lupin Red, noting that if the thief can steal Lymon’s Collection piece then they can combat him. The teams work together to restrain Lymon only for him to deploy his extra pair of arms to knock the Cyclone Dial fighter out of Kairi’s hands. Noel catches it and uses it alongside Kairi to finally open the safe. Lymon decides to grow instead but Good Striker reveals that he can create a new combined form using all seven rangers’ VS Vehicles. Once the pilots start working together the new combined form, Good Cool Kaiser VSX, is able to defeat Lymon.

Who could Noel have lost who was so important to him? What did you think of the new mecha? Is Tsukasa kind of the Patrangers’ unofficial leader? Come and join the discussions about this and many other toku shows on our Facebook page, in our forum, or in the comments below!


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