For years, the Youtube channel Triforcefilms has been pumping out one rendition after another of TV show theme songs, all in the acapella style, performing every aspect of these classic pieces without the use of traditional instruments. This includes some series openers that may prove familiar to us here at Henshin Justice Unlimited. Check em out.

First up is the gateway drug for many western fans of the madness that is the tokusatsu action show subgenre, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Next, we make a Megazord-sized leap several years forward to Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Do we think musically-inclined Yellow Ranger Kira Ford would approve?

Completing the dino-themed trifecta is Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Producing such sounds without instruments seems virtually impossible in this reality. Here’s VR Troopers!

This titanic talent has tackled more terrific tunes than just the Saban titles. Peep this Attack on Titan cover.

How about a piece with no lyrics at all, to really drive home the unique art that is acapella, with the 80s cinematic throwback Stranger Things.


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