Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where sometimes we have to cover the far extremes of the tokusatsu world at the same time. This week’s episode of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger is going way out into the “fun and campy” end of things, even by Super Sentai standards. Keep your eyes out for the middle aged backing dancer wearing a sparkly silver thong over their leotard. Meanwhile, Kamen Rider Build promised us death before it’s one week hiatus and it’s going to milk this tragedy for everything it’s worth. Farewell Kazumi. You will be missed…assuming that you aren’t somehow resurrected for the next crossover movie.

Which kind of episode do you enjoy more? Do you like it when they present them both together or would you prefer it if they didn’t pair a sad episode with a lighthearted one? Are you excited about the new Rider coming soon? Tell us what you think in our forum, or on our Facebook page, and meet us back here next time for more Super Hero Synopses.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 47
“Subzero Flame

As Kazumi (Grease) gets, in Evolt’s words, “all dressed up to die”, the other Riders encounter copies of the Hell Brothers and Gentoku (Rogue) volunteers to tackle them. Misora and Sawa arrive. When they realise what Kazumi has done, Misora insists on staying with him. On the floor above Gentoku is struggling against the brothers only for Nariaki (Mad Rogue) to appear. Nariaki turns on the Hell Brothers and reveals that he wishes to kill Evolt in revenge for President Nanab. A flashback shows that he had contacted Sawa and requested that she bring the Shark and Bike Bottles. Nariaki has somehow implanted a weakness to these Bottles into the clone brothers, and the two Rogues use them to destroy the duo. However, Evolt then appears before them.

On the floor below, Kazumi begins to slowly dematerialise. He recalls Sento (Build) saying that the Lost Bottle needs purifying in a body in order to work for their plan. Kazumi forces the Bottle into his body to begin that process before continuing to fight. Sento and Ryuga (Cross-Z) see him on one of the screens and, knowing what is happening, are horrified.

Nariaki has put Evolt’s data into his Driver, allowing him to access Evolt’s different power levels. The turncoat uses it to fight against him but when he reaches level four his body gives out. Evolt reveals that Nariaki had been made into a cyborg to survive after Gentoku shot him, and the replacement parts could not handle the power. Gentoku charges at Evolt only to take a finishing move for his efforts. Sawa removes his Bottle before the move can kill him. Evolt attempts to stab them both but Nariaki gets in the way of the blow. He dies but gives Gentoku the time to escape.

Back on the first floor, Kazumi remarks on how his friends have changed him from someone who embraced death to someone who doesn’t want to go. He triggers his Glacial Finish and destroys the final clone. He gives the Lost Bottle and four dog tags to Misora. Despite her insistence that he live, he shares a final moment with his idol before he dies. Alone in the room, Misora calls out for him, finally calling him “Kazumi” instead of merely “Grease”. She then climbs the tower to deliver the Lost Bottle and the news of Kazumi’s death to the others.

Will Kazumi be restored by Sento’s dimension merging plan, or is he really gone for good? How will Gentoku cope with a second person taking a killing blow that was meant for him? Who else will die before Evolt is finally stopped? Tell us what you think will happen next on our Facebook page or in our forum.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 27
“Dancing Commands”

The Lupinrangers are fighting a bird-like Gangler called Byodor but are frustrated by his strong evasive skills. When he attempts to escape Touma (Lupin Blue) begins to follow him, only for Byodor’s to tell him not to follow him, and Touma feels compelled to obey. Later, Touma is walking home when he sees a man being pestered in the street by a martial artist who wants the man to take lessons with him. Touma interferes only to find himself signing up instead. Touma finds himself in the man’s dojo while he introduces the assistant instructor – Sakuya (Patren #2). Sakuya proceeds to walk them through these “basics” which is clearly an aerobics dance routine.

When Sakuya suggests they go out for drinks sometime Touma agrees in order to question him about this strange situation, but when they meet up he finds himself instead being pressed into calling Sakuya “senpai”. Sakuya spends the next few days irritating Touma, prompting him to resign from the dojo. However, the master tells him he must not leave and Touma finds himself compelled to obey yet again. After the next session, the master gives Sakuya a basket of ohagi (actually a bomb) and compels him to take to the global police. Touma is eavesdropping and is about to act when he discovers that the other Lupinrangers were observing his last class.

Touma intercepts Sakuya and throws the package back into the dojo where it explodes. The master runs outside and transforms into Byodor right in front of Sakuya. The other Patrangers arrive and the trio attempt to fight Byodor only to be ordered to stop attacking, which they are compelled to obey. Noel (X) tosses his X Rod Sword into Byodor’s mouth to silence him and Touma runs in to empty his safe. The Lupinrangers quickly destroy Byodor, and when the Gangler grows Touma asks Good Striker to help the police so that Sakuya can have his own revenge on the Gangler. Sakuya tries using some of his new “martial arts” only to finally realise they are aerobatics moves. In his anger he takes charge of the battle and quickly destroys Byodor again.

Which ranger was the better dancer? Will Sakuya continue to relentlessly irritate Touma? Did everyone recognise the weapon they adapted for this week’s Collection Piece or am I just an old fart who presumes that it’s still the most recognised weapon in Sentai/Power Rangers history? Let me know the answer in our forum, or on our Facebook page.


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