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Kamen Rider Build, Episode 49
“The World Build Created

Despite the reservations of his inner Katsuragi, Sento (Build) resolves to rescue Ryuga (Cross-Z) from the void between the worlds. Misora initially protests but lets him go. Sento travels into the opening to find himself on a beach, with Ryuga laying face down on the sand. Ryuga’s eyes glow red and he attacks Sento, before transforming into Evolt. Evolt declares that he has absorbed Ryuga and intends to do the same to Sento. Sento must beat him and release his internal energy, otherwise the dimensions will not merge correctly and both will be destroyed, though Evolt believes that absorbing Sento will repair his Evolt Trigger and allow him to escape to another reality.

Evolt quickly knocks Sento out of RabbitRabbit form before changing back to looking like Soichi. He recalls that Sento is the fake hero he created and without his invention of the Rider System none of these events would have happened. He fends off Sento’s attempts to fistfight him with his bare hands and changes back into his completed form. However Evolt find himself paralyzed and Ryuga’s voice echos in the air, reminding Sento that he is a true hero. Evolt then ejects the Dragon Full Bottle, claiming he has sealed Banjou within it to be rid of him.

Transforming once again, Sento battles Evolt while re-declaring his commitment to “Love and Peace!” along with the new world he fights for. The pair continue to fight, knocking each other back to less powerful forms as both begin disintegrating. Sento uses the Rabbit and Dragon bottle, first in the Fullbottle Buster sword and then in his driver, to deliver a series of devastating blows to Evolt, concluding with a Rider Kick as the world around them is consumed and the dimensions begin merging. Back in Pandora’s Tower, Misora is briefly taken over by Vernage, who tells Sawa that Evolt has been defeated and finally releases the bangle from Misora’s arm. Misora and Sawa look up helplessly as Pandora’s Tower and the Sky Wall are vaporized by the merging.

Observed by a passing rabbit, Sento wakes up in a field holding the Cross-Z Rider Watch. He explores the new world he finds himself in, while conversing with his inner Katsuragi as to whether this is what their father had always intended. Gentoku’s father, Taizan, is alive and Prime Minister (presumably of all of Japan). Gentoku is one of his aides and is stopped by Sawa, who is trying to get an interview as she was back in the first episode. Utsumi (Mad Rogue) has been resurrected as a worker in a Nanba machine workshop. Soichi and his daughter Misora continue to operate cafe nascita, which is visited by Kazumi (Grease) and his three buddies.

Katsuragi points out that Sento’s identity would not exist in this new world, before saying goodbye for the final time and dissolving into light. Sento spots a version of Ryuga, reunited with his girlfriend Kasumi and seemingly enjoying his fighting career. He goes to the cafe, where Misora can’t help but feel like they know him. Soichi points to the wall, where a poster of Taro Sato’s band Lynks is hanging, and mistakes him for the musician.

Later, Sento sits near a fountain when he is approached by the version of Ryuga from his original reality, who had also survived. The duo get onto the Machine Builder and drive away, where Sento once again points out that Ryuga’s fly is low. They find a spot in a park where Sento shows Ryuga that he has written down his memories of their adventures into 49 episodes, before bringing out a microphone and recording the audio of the very first episode recap performed at the beginning of episode two.

It’s already been confirmed that this is only a temporary goodbye for some of the characters in this series. Sento and Ryuga will appear in an episode of the next series, Kamen Rider Zi-O. After the broadcast of this episode, Toei announced that there will be an additional Hyper Battle DVD episode called Kamen Rider Prime Rogue, and six months from now in April 2019 they will release a special called Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z. But this is the end of the road for the main series and for the characters as we know them.

Did you enjoy Build overall? What did you think of this final episode? Are you excited for the new Rider, Zi-O? Please come and share your thoughts on the show with us in our forum or over on our Facebook page.


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