Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where after many years it is finally time to go on another time trippin’ ride! So let’s go over time and space in the first episode of the latest Rider series, Kamen Rider Zi-O. How will it compare to its illustrious predecessors? Will it be stronger than before? How many more references can I fit into one intro? Share your first reactions with us in our forum or over on our Facebook page.

Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 01

It is the year 2068. On a barren wasteland on the edge of a destroyed town, Oma Zi-O, the evil master of the world, stands in front of a memorial to the first transformation of a young man named Sougo Tokiwa, flanked by effigies of the nineteen Heisei Riders from Kuuga to Build. As he awaits, a ragtag group of armed rebels charge towards him intent on bringing his reign to a violent conclusion. With a flick of his wrist his majesty unleashes his powers and conducts waves of destruction that surge across his enemies and scatters them before him. Successive waves of missiles and robots have no more luck than the first attackers had, before the king brings the battle to a close with a final disintegration wave.

In the year 2018, Sougo Tokiwa is making his way home from school. He is stopped by a judoka friend, who has heard that Sougo told the guidance councilor he wanted to be a king when he’s older. His friend attempts to give him a wake up to reality, but fails to convey his point. Sougo retrieves his bicycle and discovers an inactive Ride Watch placed upon the seat. He continues on his way, unaware that he is being followed. His uncle, Junichiro, attempts to interest him in upcoming college examinations only to be brushed off as quickly as his friend was.

Sougo changes and heads back out. He encounters a strange figure who tells him today will be a special day, but to beware the red robot. No sooner has the figure disappeared but Sougo finds himself under attack by a red mecha. He flees on his bike and the mech chases him, resulting in a destructive chase through town. After a close call forces him to abandon his bike, it seems the mech has him cornered, only for a similar black mecha to barge it out of the way. It’s pilot urges Sougo onboard before escaping through a portal in the sky.

The pilot, Tsukuyomi, shows him a recording of the rebels’ stand against Oma Zi-O, before informing Sougo that he is destined to become the vicious king. Stunned, Sougo steps out of the mech and finds himself in a grassy clearing. A strange liquid spills onto him and he discovers a T-Rex drooling over him. The mech prevents Sougo becoming the dinosaur’s dinner before bringing him back on board for another leap through time to 1671.

While they order a snack, Tsukuyomi explains that following the battle with Oma Zi-O she and an acquaintance named Geiz travelled back from 2068 to prevent Souma from attaining power. She warns him that the Ride Watch he stumbled upon earlier has the power to turn him into the evil dictator and destroy the world. When two men get into a scuffle nearby, Tsukuyomi decides to test Sougo’s aggressiveness by getting him involved. The men throw him into a river but he responds positively to his dunking.

They are interrupted when Geiz arrives and Tsukuyomi drags Sougo back into the time machine. Geiz attempts to make them crash and they emerge slightly early in November 2017. Sougo is ejected and finds himself in the shadow of the Sky Wall from Kamen Rider Build. He is attacked by a Smash, but saved by Sento (Build) and Banjou (Cross-Z). Sougo seems to not recognise the Sky Wall or the Smash, and the Riders take him back to cafe nascita. Sento gets to briefly examine the Ride Watch before Tsukuyomi catches up with them, knocking all three men unconscious with her Faiz Phone X before returning Sougo to his own time.

Elsewhere in 2017, a basketball player is saved from being run over by a young man called Uhr. Uhr uses Another ride Watch to change the player into Another Build, who begins attacking people and forcibly changing them into Full Bottle essences. One year later, Sougo wakes and is explaining the strange “dream” he had to his uncle. He goes outside only to discover that Another Build is still rampaging. Seeing that his judoka friend from earlier is in trouble, Sougo attempts to aid him. He is knocked away and discovers the Ride Watch again. Tsukuyomi appears and forces the monster back while attempting to persuade Sougo to throw the watch away. The strange man from earlier, Woz, appears and encourages him to embrace his destiny to save his friend. Sougo decides to use the watch and Woz presents him with a Jiku (Time) Driver.

Sougo transforms into Kamen Rider Zi-O and uses its power to destroy Another Build. The basketball player falls to the ground, seemingly dead. Geiz appear again, determined to destroy Oma Zi-O. He transforms and summons the Ghost armor before rushing in to attack Sougo.


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