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This week we begin with Noel smelling a rat and end with five of our seven rangers almost choking on noxious, flammable gas. In between we get a little more insight into the very passive aggressive relationship between our two reds, which seems to be increasingly fueled from Kairi’s side. Also, once again the show takes what seemed like a throw-away scene from a previous episode and turns it into the origins for a sub plot during this one.

Will Keiichiro and Kairi ever see eye-to-eye? Will Kairi manage to get his brother back? Can you contort your face into an even sillier expression than Keiichiro managed this week? Prove it to us on our Facebook page, in our forum, or in the comments below!

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 30
“Vacation For Two”

Noel (X) walks into the Global Police office to see the other Patrangers bidding Keiichiro (Paten #1) farewell. When Noel asks where he’s going they insist he’s having a late summer vacation, but it’s clear that they’re hiding the real situation from Noel. Keiichiro travels to the hot springs resort of Kusakawa. He has barely left the station when he bumps into Kairi (Lupin Red) who has similarly traveled there on vacation. In reality of course, Noel had asked Kairi to follow Keiichiro and figure out what he was up to. Keiichiro agrees to let Kairi tag along but it’s clear across their activities that their competitive natures still cause an underlying friction between the pair.

Keiichiro spots a little girl nearby who appears to be lost. He approaches her to see if he can help but intimidates her. Kairi intervenes, pulling Keiichiro’s face into funny shapes to remove any threatening vibes. They take her to a nearby police station where it becomes clear that she left her hotel to look for a hair pin she bought yesterday and subsequently lost.

Keiichiro asks the officers to look after the girl and runs out to try and find the pin for her. This reminds Kairi of a similar incident from his childhood where his older brother helped out a lost little girl. Wanting to do a good deed, Kairi recalls a stall he’d passed earlier which sold the pins and goes to buy a new one for her. However his moment is taken away from him as Keiichiro arrives back at the station at the same time, having found the original pin.

Back at the Global Police station, the Patrangers are analyzing video footage of a Gangler who has appeared a lot recently but doesn’t seem to be committing any crimes. Noel suggests recalling Keiichiro but the others hurriedly brush it off. In the resort town, Keiichiro asks Kairi what’s wrong, as something seems to be bugging him. He tells Keiichiro of the similar incident involving his brother, and admits that he had been jealous that the girl was taking away his brother’s attention rather than seeking to help her, and believes it demonstrates what a bad person it is. Keiichiro begins to dissuade him but is interrupted by a text. He makes his excuses and leaves.

Sakuya (Patren #2) and Tsukasa (Patren #3) have tracked down the Gangler, Kankus, which seems to be doing nothing more than waving it’s fingers around and giggling. They attack and it somehow causes an explosion right by where they are standing, though they are protected by transforming. Keiichiro meets the person who texted him, a gangster who had agreed to sell him a firetruck-like VS Vehicle that had come into his possession.

The man’s heavies appear and it’s clear he intends to simply steal the money Keiichiro had brought to buy the item. Keiichiro is used to stronger opponents though, and easily disarms and neutralizes the men. The Japanese police had interrogated the shady auction patrons from episode 26, and passed this information back to the Patrangers. Their main concern was whether the man with the Lupin Collection piece was a Gangler, which is why the Patrangers got involved. Kairi leaps in and steals the VS Vehicle from him. The pair transform and fight, though Keiichiro notices that his opponent isn’t trying as hard as usual.

Noel and the remaining Lupinrangers arrive at the battle between the Patrangers and Kankus. They quickly remove his Collection piece only to realise it may have been a terrible mistake. Kankus emits an extremely foul smelling gas, which is also very flammable. His Collection piece masked that smell, and without it his stench is almost overwhelming. Gauche attempts to aid him but his stench even drives her back through her portal, and she merely sticks her gun arm through it to make him grow before the rangers can defeat him.

Kankus grows and starts setting his gas alight, turning a large section of the city into an inferno. Noel comments that they would require Splash, the name of the very Collection Piece Kairi now possesses, to put it out. The Patrangers radio Keiichiro to inform him of the situation. Though it pains Keiichiro to lose the VS Vehicle to the phantom thieves, not to mention losing out to his rival red once again, he informs Kairi of the situation and notes that his jet allows him to get to the scene faster, trusting that if he lets the thief go then he will do the right thing and go to fight the fire.

Kairi does indeed fly to the fire, and though distracted they combine to form Lupin Kaiser Splash Magic. They quickly extinguish the flames, and along with Noel they take Kankus down with ease. Back at the bistro, the others are concerned as Kairi continues to be very distracted, as he is lost in thoughts of his brother and how similar he was to Keiichiro.


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