Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where a true hero doesn’t fight to achieve recognition. This week in Ultraman R/B it’s time for the brothers to knuckle down and fight back against Makoto Aizen, and prove that while they may not have the superficial qualities of the old-school Ultramen they are the kind of heroes that their rival could never be. Makoto Aizen, for his part, continues to drop references for fans of the franchise to appreciate before being forced to give up his shiny toy to the brothers.

What comes next for Orb Dark? Did the brothers prove themselves in your eyes or have they still to earn their stripes as Ultramen? Will Asahi ever figure out that she’s a fan of her own brothers? Let us know what you think in our forum, over onour Facebook page, or in the comments section below.

Ultraman R/B, Episode 09
“In The Name Of Ultraman”

The Minato brothers have been defeated by Makoto Aizen (Orb Dark…Noir Black Schwartz), who takes some time to gloat before leaving them in their misery. The brothers return to the family shop, where their father despairs over their disheveled appearance. They see a news report showing Aizen saving a private plane from crashing. Asahi arrives and is similarly perturbed by the state of her brothers before her friends arrive to fan girl over the new “hero”. Aizen is also reviewing the report. His AI, Darling, comments that he has speed, style and power, which he believes is appropriate to initialize as S.S.P. given that he is Orb (a reference to Something Search People, allies of the original Orb who similarly used the initials S.S.P.).

The brothers go into the woods to reflect on their inexperience and resolve to train themselves further. They devise a regime and set to it. On their way home they spot Makoto Aizen meeting a little girl called Maya, who he presents with an Orb Dark vinyl figure before commenting that he got his name wrong. When the brothers return home their sister again comments on the state of their clothes, believing they have been getting into fights. They insist they are merely training for the White Bears’ next baseball game, and Asahi invites herself along to their next session.

The next day the brothers continue to train while their sister watches over them. Asahi believes she can hear someone calling to her and wanders off. The brothers are sparring with sticks lashed into the shapes of their individual sluggers when they hear their sister scream. They rush after her and discover that she had fallen down an embankment. They fetch a tire on a rope that they had been using in their earlier training and use it to haul Asahi back up again. They then notice a strange light glowing from a nearby cave. Isami (Blu) carries their sister back to their training area while Katsumi (Rosso) investigates. Within the cave the brothers discover the Ultraman Victory crystal, which presents itself to Katsumi.

Back at the store Isami is looking up their new crystal in their mother’s notes. The TV is showing another report on Ultraman Orb, who this time catches a red balloon (similar to Pigmon’s) for a little girl – the same girl from earlier! She tells the reporter his drawn-out name, still unable to properly pronounce “Schwartz”. The brothers realise that Aizen is manufacturing incidents to allow him to save the day. They transform and call out Aizen, who was similarly training in his personal gym.

Aizen transforms and fights the brothers again. He admits to creating incidents to make him look like a hero, still believing that he makes a better Ultraman than the brothers. The brothers insist that they don’t wish to be seen as heroes, they just want to protect those in need, and begin fighting back. When Aizen launches a ‘Dark Storium Dynamite’ attack, Katsumi uses the Victory crystal to change into his Ground form, which has heightened defenses and can repel his attack. Isami counterattacks with a ‘Bringer Flash’ attack which manages to down Aizen. Back on the ground, the brothers confiscate the Orb Ring Neo from Aizen before leaving him to wallow in his defeat.


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