Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where it’s the moment you’ve all being waiting for: The grand return of ‘Captain Ghost’! Yes, it’s very random, but then again the spectral pirate ship from Kamen Rider Ghost originally existed just to combine with the titular Rider’s bike in order to become a giant iguana, so “random” seems pretty par for the course really.

This week’s episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O continues the show’s tribute (?) to Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Emu’s attention is divided between trying to help two people, and it falls to Sougo to take one of them off his hands, and in the process save them both.

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Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 04
“No Continues

Ex-Aid’s inexplicable attack on Sougo (Zi-O) and Geiz is interrupted by Time Jacker Hora, who freezes them all in place while she goes over to the prone man who had been Another Ex-Aid. She removes the Ride Watch from within him and restarts it before replacing it. This transforms him back into Another Ex-Aid, instantly cancelling Emu’s (Ex-Aid) transformation before the game world disappears around them.

Now that Another Ex-Aid has returned, it seems that Emu no longer remembers them or even being a Kamen Rider. They offer to work with him against Another Ex-Aid but he turns them down, stating that he has a different goal. Back at their house, Geiz decides to travel back to 2016 to face Another Ex-Aid, but insists that Sougo stay behind. Tsukuyomi explain that they have both lost many friends at the hands of Oma Zi-O, which is why Geiz acts as he does. He asks if she also thinks he’s evil and she says she would prefer to try and change his fate and avoid him becoming Oma Zi-O.

Geiz arrives in 2016 during the events of the second episode of Ex-Aid. he accompanies Emu and Hiiro back to the hospital and attempts to explain why he’s there, though Hiiro is skeptical. We once again see how Hora created her contract. She approaches a man named Iida as his son, Keisuke, is being loaded into an ambulance. Hora explains that the boy’s heart will soon fail but that she can grant Iida the power to save his son.

In the hospital Geiz notices that Emu’s appearance is glitching as Sento’s (Build) has previously done as he was losing his power. Geiz intercepts another Ex-Aid as he attacks another person, but as with Another Build he finds that when he kills the Another Ex-Aid he immediately resurrects. He calls Tsukuyomi to ask if she can dig up any hint as to how to keep the monster down. Meanwhile, Sougo is intrigued by Emu’s words about having another goal.

Emu goes to the hospital’s helipad, where he is transported to the game world. He pleads with Iida to stop attacking people and focus on his son. Iida refuses, believing that to cease his actions would be to give up on his son. Sougo and Tsukuyomi arrive, explaining that they had noticed that Another Ex-Aid’s victims were all around the same size. Keisuke’s heart condition has progressed even beyond the ability of a certain genius surgeon to help him, so his father is attacking people to try and find a compatible donor. Inspired by Tsukuyomi, Sougo had realised that Emu was trying to save Another Ex-Aid instead of defeating him.

They try and deter Iida again, but he transforms and leaves them, returning them all to the helipad. Sougo encourages Emu to focus on Keisuke while he tries to reach Iida, and Emu gives him the Ex-Aid Ride Watch. Sougo attempts to travel back to 2016 but as soon as he boards the Time Mazine he is attacked by the ‘Captain Ghost’, which then merges with segments of another Time Mazine, piloted by Wool, to form another mech to fight against him. The two briefly battle but Sougo quickly overwhelms Wool and escapes into the past.

In 2016 Geiz is still fighting with Another Ex-Aid when Sougo arrives. Geiz demands to know why he came, and Sougo says he did so because he believes in Geiz and Tsukuyomi. He then transforms and joins the fight. Emu also arrives and transforms, and Sougo notes that Emu’s attacks are far more effective against Another Ex-Aid. Woz appears once again and confirms that Another Riders can only be defeated with the power of that original Rider.

As Emu’s powers fade away, Sougo uses the Ex-Aid Ride Watch to summon the Ex-Aid Armour. after pausing to pose alongside Emu, he uses the power to fight Another Ex-Aid and quickly finishes him. As Iida awakens his first thought is to rush to his son’s side, but Sougo stops him and introduces him to Emu, hoping that by introducing them earlier Keisuke might now be diagnosed in time for a successful operation. He also gives Emu a blank Ride Watch to hang onto in order to create the completed Ex-Aid Watch that he will give to Sougo in two years time.

In 2018, Sougo is cycling along when he spots Iida and Keisuke. They fail to recognise him but it’s clear from their conversation that Keisuke has just returned to school after a successful recovery. Sougo arrives home in time for dinner but first Geiz demands to know what he meant by having faith in the two time travellers. Sougo explains that he will continue to act as he believes is right, but trusts that one way or another they will prevent him from becoming Oma Zi-O. Meanwhile Woz is reading of the Riders’ next adventure, at a high school attended by a certain pompadoured transfer student…


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