Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where sometimes you can persuade people by battling them and sometimes just by being as cute as possible! We’re catching up with two more episodes of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. First up, Noel has to try and convince the Global Police to join with their rivals to defeat their common foe, and then the phantom thieves have to infiltrate their precinct in order to retrieve collected evidence.

Did you recognize all the transformation devices loosely disguised as Lupin Collection items? Do you think the teams will unite again? Is Kogure really the most skilled phantom thief? Let us know what you thought of these episodes over on our Facebook page or in our forum!

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 32
“A Challenge To A Duel”

Gauche’s test subject develops a fault and is forced to shrink back down to normal size. As Gauche approaches it to make a diagnosis, the Lupinrangers dive in, eager to snag five pieces of the Lupin Collection at once. The thieves quickly discover that their Dial Fighters cannot open safes individually, and when Gauche holds up a Collection piece that Noel (X) recognises he insists that they retreat immediately.

Back at bistro Jurer, Noel analyses the data he collected and realizes that the safes are interlinked, so all five must be opened simultaneously. That wouldn’t be a problem if they could use Good Striker’s ability to duplicate Kairi, but the test subject possesses a piece of the Collection which has the ability to cancel other powers, leaving the phantom thieves in need of more manpower. Luckily, Noel also has an idea.

Noel approaches the Patrangers with a proposal to team up to defeat the monstrous test subject, but the officers outright refuse to align with criminals. Noel concedes that it is useless to try and persuade them, and instead challenges Keiichiro to a duel. If he wins the police will work alongside the thieves to stop the test subject. If Keiichiro wins then all four thieves will turn themselves in.

In a secluded location, Noel and Keiichiro begin their battle. As they battle, Gauche releases her tuned-up test subject back into the city, forcing the remaining two Patrangers to deploy, with backup from the Lupinrangers. As Noel fights he spells out the Lupinrangers goals: to complete the Lupin Collection, save their loved ones, and destroy the Ganglers to restore peace to the world. The second item on that list makes Keiichiro pause, leaving Noel with an opening to use a finishing move.

The test subject prepares to deliver a final blow to its opponents when Noel and Keiichiro interrupt it. The pair don’t say which of them won, but make it clear that they are there to work with both teams to defeat the monster. Kairi tosses the Magic Dial Fighter to Keiichiro and both teams leap into action. The Gangler is quickly restrained and all five safes are opened and emptied. Keiichiro reluctantly hands over both the Magic Dial fighter and the new acquisition from the safe he cleared out.

The three Patrangers unite to form Patren #4 and Noel and the Lupinrangers join them to hit the test subject with five finishing moves. Gauche uses her power to turn her pet into a giant and the two teams summon Good Cool Kaiser VSX. The teams also summon their auxiliary mecha to create variant combinations and subject the monster to a variety of punishing blows before finally destroying it with a ‘Vehicle Rush Strike’.

The Lupinrangers meet Kogure at the bistro. He begins sealing the new Collection pieces, only to leave in search of Noel when Kairi mentions Gauche’s new Collection piece. Noel is at the site of his earlier duel, where it’s revealed that Keiichiro had withstood his finishing move and positioned himself for a close-range head shot that would surely have finished Noel, only to adjust his aim for Noel’s armoured chest, allowing the turncoat to withstand the blow and hold his blade to Keiichiro’s throat to end the duel.

It’s clear that Keiichiro allowed himself to be defeated, and Noel expresses his gratitude. At the precinct, Keiichiro watches the sun set while contemplating his actions. His colleagues give him some space as they believe he is upset, but really he is curious about what will happen when the thieves complete the Collection.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 33
“We’re The Kid Phantom Thieves”

The Lupinrangers are facing a Gangler named Envy. They are forewarned and prepared to deal with the power of his Collection Piece, but are taken off-guard by his own power to fire egg-like blasts from his head which cause the target to get younger. The Lupinrangers are hit with varying numbers of these blasts, changing them into children.

While Noel (X) handles Envy, the youthful thieves run to a nearby stall to change into more fitting clothes. The Patrangers arrive just in time to see Envy escape, but discover that one of the thieves had left their VS Changer behind. The officers confiscate the device as evidence, and Keiichiro (Patren #1) leads Noel away so that he can’t return the device to it’s owner, Umika (Lupin Yellow).

The cherubic thieves’ approach Sakuya (Patren #2) and Tsukasa (Patren #3), posing as lost children. Kairi (Lupin Red) convinces Tsukasa to help them by looking as cute as possible and calling her “mommy”, with Touma (Lupin Blue) claiming it’s because she closely resembles their mother. The Patrangers escort the ‘children’ back to their station, where Touma unsuccessfully attempts to steal the VS Changer.

Keiichiro attempts to get Noel to clarify his comments in the previous episode by asking him what happens when the Lupinrangers complete the Lupin Collection. Noel is evasive and claims he doesn’t know. Meanwhile, the Lupinrangers implement another plan to retrieve their VS Changer, which is now locked inside Commissioner Hilltop’s desk

While Kairi uses his cuteness to distract Tsukasa again, Touma and Umika pretend to play hide-and-seek, allowing Umika to use her Dial fighter to unlock the drawer and take her property back. Sakuya spots them leaving and chases after them.

While Noel and Keiichiro engage with Envy, the Patrangers manage to stop the ‘children’ outside, only for “Lupin Red” to appear and steal the VS Changer. The officers have to leave to help fight Envy, and leave the ‘children’ in the care of Jim Carter. Moments later, the children’s “mother” arrives to collect them.

Sakuya and Tsukasa provide the cover fire required to turn the tide of battle, and Noel is able to take Envy’s Collection piece before they destroy him. Back at bistro Jurer, it’s revealed that the fake Lupin Red and mother were both Kogure in disguises. The Patrangers summon their mechs to take out Envy’s giant form before returning to their base to complete the paperwork explaining how they lost vital evidence.


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