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Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger has been dropping regular hints that Kogure may not be entirely on the level with the phantom thieves. Lest anyone think there’s something sinister about him, today’s episode is dedicated to showing that he does have a good side, and that his bad side is really quite ineffectual. He’s not the only one who will get to show another side to himself, as it turns out that the Lupin Magnum is not just a weapon but also an autonomous humanoid gunslinging mecha!

Are they bluffing or are Kogure’s intentions more pure than previously implied? Did you enjoy the Lupin Magnum’s debut fight as a mecha? Did you sympathise with the Gangler being an introvert just trying his best? Let us know what you thought of this episode on our Facebook page or in our forum.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 35
“The Good, The Bad & The Normal”

Kairi (Lupin Red) is doing some shopping when he encounters Kogure, who is enjoying an al fresco espresso. While they are talking a Gangler named Driune Sanbu appears and begins attacking passersby. His Collection piece gives him the power to split people into three – personifying their good and evil natures as separate beings.

Kairi leaps into action and Driune attempts to hit him with a splitting beam. However, the Patrangers arrive and Keiichiro (Patren #1) shoots Driune, throwing his aim and causing the beam to hit Kogure instead.

Realising that they should retreat back to the bistro, Normal Kogure escorts his good counterpart while Kairi has to manhandle the Bad Kogure to make him comply. The Patrangers continue their attack but the bad forms of Driune’s victims form a mob against the Global Police. Driune lets them know that the bad forms are required to save the victims, before escaping. Kogure arrives at Jurer but realises that his two counterparts have ditched him.

At the bistro, Kogure admits that he has six hours to be reunited with his counterparts or all three of them will perish. With the same deadline applying to all the victims, Noel (X) leaves to recruit the Patrangers to track Driune and herd up the other victims. Meanwhile the three Lupinrangers head out to find the other two Kogures. In the Ganglers’ dimension, Dogranio and his generals are surprised that Driune has made a move, as he’s usually something of a shy shut-in.

Touma (Lupin Blue) and Umika (Lupin Yellow) quickly find Good Kogure driving himself ragged trying to assist anyone with a problem. After assisting his attempt to stop a child being run over, the two thieves bustle him back to the bistro and implore him to stay with his normal counterpart until they can restore them. As they leave, Good Kogure comments how they are again forcing a job too hard for themselves onto the young phantom thieves.

The Patrangers are reuniting one of the victims, having discovered that you can literally smush them back together. Meanwhile Kairi encounters Bad Kogure, who is now a (somewhat dated) biker punk. Kairi is unimpressed by the bad butler’s bravado, and drags him back to Jurer. When they return he discovers that Normal Kogure is missing, having resolved himself to assist in the search for Driune.

Driune and a group of Pordermen are moving through underground tunnels towards his next attack point. They encounter a technician in hiding and hurt his arm before unsuccessfully trying to split him in three. They are interrupted by the phantom thieves, who rescue the technician while Noel occupies the Ganglers. The Lupinrangers had realised that the tech was Normal Kogure in disguise, attempting to track down the Gangler to atone for the trouble he was putting his young charges through.

Kogure watches on as the Lupinrangers face the Ganglers. He admits to Noel that he had been avoiding watching them endanger themselves in battle until now. The thieves successfully steal Driune’s treasure and Kairi blows him away with the Lupin Magnum. Gauche appears to make Driune a giant, and he decides he’d rather hide himself away rather than continue fighting.

Kairi sends the Lupin Magnum after Driune. It transforms into a humanoid form and follows the Ganglers through the tunnels, battling them as it encounters them before blasting Driune hard enough to send him flying up out of the ground. The debris from this almost crushes the Patrangers in their car, who watch on as Lupin Kaiser and Lupin Magnum destroy the introverted Gangler.

The Lupinrangers return to Jurer and merge the three Kogures back together. He attempts to leave immediately, but they insist that he stay while they treat his wound and treat him to a meal. Kairi tries to get him to tell them if ‘Kogure’ is a pseudonym and teases him about his bad counterpart’s biker tendencies.


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