Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where pitching a tent in someone else’s premises isn’t crazy at all.

Today, we’re catching up on the most recent two episodes of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. In the first episode, Keiichiro (Patren#1) must learn to tame his temper or the results could be quite explosive, while in the second he attempts to extend the hand of friendship only to have it knocked away. But really he’s just a conduit for telling stories focused on those other characters rather than the focus himself.

Could you use a handy anger-removing device? Will the two Reds manage to repair their friendship? will the two teams’ combined mecha continue to pop up randomly like this? Let us know what you think about this series and any other toku shows you are watching over on our Facebook page or over in our forum.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 36
“Shoot The Bomb”

The Global Police are raiding a Gangler’s hideout. They attack the occupant, a Gangler names Peckler Zeppeli, who declares that they are too late to stop his plan before firing spikes out of his shoulder at them. The Patrangers manage to evade his initial volley but he then rebounds one off a variety of objects in order to hit Sakuya (Patren #2).

As the Gangler flees, Sakuya attempts to shoot him back in retaliation, only to slip on some debris. His shot rebounds and hits Keiichiro (Patren #1). As he apologizes to his angry colleague his gun goes off again. While the others berate Sakuya, Noel (X) is more concerned with the blueprints on Peckler’s PC.

Sakuya is taking a break outside when he is approached by a salesman. The man gives him three free samples of his necklaces, which he claims calm the wearer’s anger. Sakuya goes back to the precinct and tricks Keiichiro into putting one on by claiming it helps fight fatigue.

Two incidents (on intentional, one accidental) in a row quickly confirm that the necklaces live up to the salesman’s claim, although Sakuya quickly discovers that they can’t be removed. Meanwhile, Noel and Jim Carter have been analysing the data from Peckler’s computer and return to make their report: the necklaces convert anger into energy which is used to charge a bomb.

Realising that neither officer can remove their necklace, Noel and Jim try to find the location of the bomb while Tsukasa (Patren #3) heads out to find the salesman. The other two are to stay at their base and keep calm. Unbeknownst to the police, the Lupinrangers have already tracked down Peckler and are attacking him.

While Sakuya accidentally spills some tea all over Keiichiro, Jim Carter discovers a thermal spike that could be due to the energy transmitting to the bomb. Keiichiro leaves to find the bomb, insisting that Sakuya come with him while Noel and Jim discover a way to deactivate the bomb.

The Lupinrangers manage to successfully reclaim Peckler’s piece of the Lupin Collection. They are about to finish him when they are stopped by Tsukasa, who needs the Gangler to reveal where he planted the bomb. Tsukasa manages to lure Peckler into firing his spikes again and manoeuvres him into rebounding one back to hit himself.

Now affected by his own ability to cause slip ups, he accidentally reveals that the bomb is located in a nearby tower, which she relays to the others. Keiichiro and Sakuya spot the bomb with binoculars, but are unable to reach the tower in time. Instead, Keiichiro puts his faith in Sakuya’s sniping ability and tells him to destroy the energy receiving antenna before the bomb explodes.

The Lupinrangers step in and destroy Peckler moments before Sakuya successfully destroys the bomb’s antenna. Gauche appears to revive her fallen ally, and so the Lupinrangers summon Lupin Magnum Superior. It re-opens Peckler’s safe while Pat Kaiser retrieves the bomb and they stuff it inside Peckler’s body, before blasting him into orbit where both villain and bomb can be safely detonated.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 37
“The Place You Call Home”

The Lupinrangers encounter a Gangler named Yadoga Gohom. They attack and are swiftly joined by the Patrangers. The two teams quickly cut a path through the Pordermen but Yadoga prove more difficult when he uses his Collection piece’s ability to create portals to hit them from a distance. He then uses his own ability – a beam that causes everyone hit by it to fly through the air back to their home. He hits all six rangers with the blast and they all fly away, except for Kairi (Lupin Red).

After Yadoga escapes, both the police and thieves come up with the same strategy; Live in tents that they can then stuff into backpacks and take into battle with them, so the beam will no longer displace them. Unfortunately, they also pick the same campsite, leaving Umika (Lupin Yellow) and Touma (Lupin Blue) to invent a cover story of a falling out with Kairi.

Keiichiro packs up and goes to see Kairi at the bistro. He tries to persuade Kairi to confide with him but Kairi angrily denies even being friends with him. The next morning Umika and Touma return to discover that Kairi has been awake all night in order to prevent Keiichiro somehow discovering any clues to their secret identities. Keiichiro has left a note promising to return the next evening. At the precinct, Tsukasa tells Keiichiro that she knows Kairi has an issue with his brother, though she isn’t sure as to its nature.

Yadoga is attacking again and the Patrangers quickly respond. They discover that not only does the tent on his back render Keiichiro immune to Yadoga’s beam but it also provides some handy padding preventing his portal-based attacks from being able to stab them in the back. The four officers attack while using Keiichiro as a human shield.

The Lupinrangers arrive but are reluctant to deploy as the tends on Blue and Yellow’s backs could give away their identities. Kairi is about to dive in but is waved off by Noel. As Keiichiro charges a shot with Biker, Noel slips in and empties Yadoga’s safe mere moments before the blast destroys him. With Keiichiro exhausted from the punishment he’s taken, Noel summons X-Emperor as Gauche enlarges Yadoga.

Yadoga’s armour proves too strong for X-Emperor to penetrate. Concerned that Keiichiro will deprive him of another night’s sleep if the monster isn’t destroyed, Kairi tells Good Striker to form Good Cool Kaiser VSX. Good Striker complies, much to the surprise of the Patrangers who were unaware they were being joined. their combined forces quickly blow Yadoga away. Afterwards the Patrangers visit the bistro, though Kairi walks away from Keiichiro.


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