The Lupin team of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger get their coolest new weapon/mecha yet with the DX Lupin Magnum.

The toy is a big red gun, roughly the same size as the DX VS Changer, and the sound effects are exactly what you’d expect. Remember though, this toy isn’t just a gun – it’s also a Dial Fighter. That means it can combine with the DX VS Changer to activate finishing sound effects. Turning the dial 1, 2 or 3 times, while the two toys are combined creates a strong finishing attack sound that gets progressively stronger with each dial rotation.

This toy is great as just a gun but the fun doesn’t stop there, now we get into the transformation. By rotating the dial to a specific point and pulling the trigger, the toy partly auto-transforms and gives the user new sound effects for said transformation. The gun barrel drops down forming the legs, but the rest of the transformation is manual. I love the look of the Lupin Magnum when transformed. He’s smaller than Lupin Kaiser, but that’s show accurate so it’s fine. He also shares the same limited articulation as any Super Sentai mecha. Furthermore, his arms can be folded away and the Blue and Yellow Dial Fighters, any VS Vehicles really, can be attached to make Lupin Magnum Superior.

I adore this toy and I think it’s an absolute must own for any Lupinranger fans. Even if you have bought absolutely nothing from the LvP toy line, this item stands great on its own, so there’s no excuse.


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