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This week on Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, the long-missing ice man finally returns. Zamigo, Kogure and the Global Police’s intelligence division conveniently all discover a new Collection Piece right before a rare opportunity to retrieve it presents itself. In the end, the real winner will be metallic double-agent Noel, who not only goes some way to repair his relationship with his fellow officers but manages to get a pair of shiny shoulder cannons for good measure.

We’re about three quarters of the way through the show now, so what do you think of the series so far? What do you think will happen in the final quarter? Will Zamigo become a more regular presence in the series now? Share your thoughts with this and other toku shows with is on our Facebook page or in our forum.

Reminder: The next episode of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger doesn’t air until November 11th.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 38
“The Collection Piece From Outer Space”

As Zamigo returns to the Ganglers dimension to report, Noel (X) visits bistro Jurer. He tries to join his fellow officers at their table only for them to get up and leave for a meeting he had not been informed about. However, before the Patrangers can head back to their precinct they receive an alert that two Ganglers are attacking. They confront the duo, Janeku and Iselob, only for the former to scatter them using his Collection piece’s ability to control vehicles.

Their battle is interrupted by Zamigo, who demands that Janeku comes with him. When Iselob protests Zamigo freezes him into a block of ice. As Jenuka accompanies Zamigo, the ice shatters and destroys Iselob with it. While Zamigo fills Jenuka in on the details of a job from Dogranio, the Patrangers return to base. When they arrive Commissioner Hilltop informs them of some new information that was relayed at the meeting. At the bistro, Kogure relays the same details to the four phantom thieves.

It appears that a Dial Fighter known as Victory Striker has been in orbit around Earth. In a few hours it will make a pass through the atmosphere where it will be low enough to be obtained without having to travel into space. The Lupinrangers immediately deploy; While Noel keeps the Patrangers distracted the others will use their Dial Fighters to intercept Victory Striker and attempt to take control.

However, their plan is disrupted by Jenuka, who uses his ability to control vehicles to force Victory Striker to fight back against the phantom thieves. Noel quickly tries to disrupt Jenuka only to discover that the Gangler is being protected by Destra. Noel finds himself outclassed by the Gangler General, but is saved by the Patrangers. He admits he didn’t expect them to save him given their strained relationship, but they remind him that it is their duty to protect all humans.

Kairi (Lupin Red) has managed to board Victory Striker but is unable to free it from Jenuka’s control. He is joined by the other Lupinrangers, and leaves them in the cockpit while he investigates some information he had managed to gleam from the disrupted readouts. He moves into the nosecone of the Dial Fighter, in which is stored another VS Vehicle – the tank-like Siren Striker. He launches the Trigger Machines and fires the cannon at Jenuka as he falls out of the sky.

Seizing the opportunity, Noel steals Jenuka’s Collection Piece, which allows Touma (Lupin Blue) and Umika (Lupin Yellow) to take control of Victory Striker. Kairi skids down a mountainside and begins targeting Destra, giving the police officers space to take Jenuka down. Gauche appears to make Jenuka grow while Destra deploys a Golam.

The Lupinrangers summon Siren Lupin Kaiser and quickly defeat Jenuka for good. While they battle the Golam has been trying to stamp on the Patrangers. With Jenuka out of the picture the Lupinrangers turn their attention to the other foe. However Good Striker changes their formation to Lupin Kaiser Splash Magic and instructs Kairi to shoot Siren Striker at Noel. He complies and it transforms Noel into Super Lupin X. His new form has enough firepower to destroy the Golam without the need for a mecha.

Afterwards, the Lupinrangers retain Victory Striker while Noel keeps Siren Striker. Noel takes some of the bistro’s macarons to the station as a token of his thanks.


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