And here is the end of our podcasting streak. Me and the team go over our experiences at SDCC 2013. In here you’ll hear about the first episode of Legend of Korra Book 2, about the SDCC exclusive Doctor Who trailer and sea of sonic screwdrivers, the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D all the lightning and madness that people find in that weekend long geekventer known far and wide as the San Diego Comic Con.
While this may end our Comic Con streak… sit tight. We got one more show in the can. Swing on back after this… FOR THE ULTIMATUM!
The Geekventurers:
Keith “Justice” Hayward
Mike and Mae Ling Fatum
Fernand Jay Huerto
Special Thanks to Michelle Black for her graphic work for the blog and mp3 graphic.
Special thanks to forum member
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