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 Latest Tokusatsu Updates
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Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 27: “The Moment to Realize the Truth” will air on April 27. It will feature a new white-colored Overlord.

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Ressha Sentai ToQger Station 10: ” “Tokatti dies at Sunset” ” will air on April 27. In this episode Tokatti meets a boy who can’t see the Ressha.

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[Over-Time] Express Sentai ToQGer - 02 [76E87F7F].mkv_snapshot_23.54_[2014.02.18_00.40.09]

Join the latest discussion with fellow fans about  Ressha Sentai ToQger!

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The latest Talk Up thread for Kamen Rider Gaim Ep 26 is up. Baron gets a new form, and a serious fall out occurs between members of Team Gaim.

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From the shadows, Tamashi’s blog strikes with a teaser gallery of the next S.H.Figuarts release from Kamen Rider Gaim! As a follow up to Mister Dangerous, the 2nd of the Nut Brothers: Kamen Rider Kurokage is coming.

By  | April 18, 2014 | 2 Comments

chroma squad box art

Hey There HJU  Faithful, Dustin here! Us here at HJU have been given a Key to check out Chroma Squad and stream it for all of you guys to enjoy, but it gets even better!! YOU could win a Beta key for yourself at the end of the stream and try the game out yourself!!

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Hopefully you haven’t fallen too out of the loop since the official trailer for the forthcoming first installment of the MMPR series of fan films aired late last year. With another episode well on its way to filming with another cast member, director Dominick Sivili and his team haven’t forgotten about the fans who’ve supported their cause in the past two years since the conception of this ambitious new project, and to show for their efforts, actress Dina Cataldi and producer Mack Khur have released a new special announcement video thanking their fans, accompanied by a brand new preview clip from the upcoming first fan film, featuring Cataldi as the Blue Ranger.

By  | April 17, 2014 | 2 Comments


Bandai Games has announced that Albino Joker from Kamen Rider Blade: MISSING ACE & the Sengoku Riders from Kamen Rider Hibiki and the Seven War Demons are going to appear in the PS3 Game “Kamen Rider: Battride War II”.  Sengoku Riders include Kabuki, Kirameki, Nishiki, Touki & Habataki.

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