I’ve been hearing rumblings of a group called The Stunt People and that they’re up for an MTV Movie Award.

Here’s the breakdown from kungfucinema.com:

Stephen Reedy’s ‘Undercut’ a candidate for MTV award

by Mark Pollard



It’s time to cast your vote for the martial arts movie genre. Undercut, a martial arts comedy from director Stephen Reedy and The Stunt People has been picked as one of five student films in the running for the MTV Movie Awards’ Student Filmmaker Award category.

The winning director, selected by online vote, gets to receive his award on stage during the ceremony and receive an mtvU development deal. To watch a preview of each film and cast your vote visit mtvu.com.

Undercut is a feature film about the trials of a Caucasian ninja-for-hire (Eric Jacobus), who finds himself out of a job and decides to prove his worth by taking on his replacement (Andy Leung). The film features Reedy’s irreverent sense of humor as seen in his short Mahri’s Revenge (available on the Everyone is Kung Fu Fighting Reloaded DVD compilation). It also features professional grade martial arts choreography and execution from The Stunt People crew.

Here’s the video and don’t forget to vote!

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