We never thought that Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger would ever air for a full 50 episode series, even at 26 episodes the premise would have been a bit of a stretch, and in a rather late move, the official blog has confirmed that the show will definitely end on the 13th episode.

While the answer as to the shows length was fairly ominous, it was never 100% confirmed to run for 13 episodes, but now we have confirmation. They still have time to become official, right?



  1. Fingers-crossed we get a second season next year. Complete with a new AkibaRanger. And in another bit of meta-humor, Nobuo will refer to him/her as AkibaRanger’s “6th Ranger”, which will frustrate Mitsuki to end because there’s only four of them.

  2. When I first read about this show, I groaned it was gonna bring down Sentai. I WAS GLAD I WAS WRONG! Now because of AkibaRanger, I have even more inspiration for my own toku characters.

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