Bruce Kalish, the former Executive Producer of Power Rangers, laid down a generation donation to help us all out with the Power Up Justice IndieGoGo Campaign. Even now he’s going through the Ranger alumni-verse to see if maybe he can scare up more donations to send our way. So.. I thought we could do him and his wife a solid in return.

His wife, Leah Ayres, was the love interest of Jean Claude Van Damme in Blood sport and was in a show that was the inspiration for Pulp Fiction’s Fox Force Five…. which maaay be considered “sentai-esque.” Anyway, to help children she needs us to vote for MOVE WITH ME in this survey that will help her and her company help other people.

Do what you can, pass this along and with one click you help someone that helped us…. to help others. 😀

Thanks to you all and another thanks to Bruce that has helped us out since the very beginning of HJU.


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