Saban is bring back another old classic on Nickoloden and you can find out what it is now!

Saban riding on the wave of nostaglia has decided that along with the Power Rangers is bringing back old fan favorite Digimon back as well!
The new series which was called Digimon Xros Wars(Cross Wars) in Japan is going to be known as Digimon Fusion and will premiering on Nickolodens’ primary station some time this year.
Xros wars ran from 2010 thru 2011 with three sub seasons(Xros Wars, The Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms, and The Boys Who Crossed Time.) making into the sixth full season of the Digimon franchise.  It appears by the english trailer released that all three subseasons will be released as in America as well.

digimonc digip

The story finds Mikey and his friends sucked into the digital world, which is currently in the process of a mass take over/civil war by an evil Digimon. Mikey mets and teams up with Shoutman the self proclaimed King of the Digimon and together with his friends forms the unstoppable army of team Xros Hearts to vanquish the evil Digimon ruler. Later he will encounter other armies such as Blue Flare and Twilight who are also viaing for dominance over the digital world.



  1. Other than the “on nickolodeon” part this is actually old news, and was unveiled last year during one of the licensing things in France i believe it was. cause Saban and Marvista were selling it to channels outside the US. Personally I was half hoping that Saban would throw it on Vortex rather than Nick, but ohwell, now if we just had a start date.

    1. Thanks for the comment once again. I realize the news is old, however it was never confirmed for the American market. I have been keeping tabs on this bit of news and once it was picked up and confirmed in the America air market I decided to publish the story.

  2. Actually I want concrete proof, where is the source stating/confirming Nick? This trailer is old, it was tossed together for the sake of promoting during the licensing event. MIPcon or something like that.

    No where in the trailer does it say nick, no where on the flyer does it say nick, and personally I think people shouldn’t claim it will be nick unless nick, or saban, has made an announcement stating that it will be, and has a link to support it. This is how rumors are spread and ataken as fact.

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