After months of waiting, the Japanese Pop Culture podcast known as R5 Central returns from the ashes! Hit the jump for more info!

One of the first podcasts of its kind back in the day, R5 Central went on hiatus back in 2009 and has been sorely missed. (Seriously, the return has been the subject of many an email or Twitter post!) But at long last, the time has come! As part of a promise for the Skullgirls fundraiser, they’ve released two of their Lite Episodes ahead of schedule! These two short but sweet episodes cover both Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Decisive Battle! Giant Sea Monster! but the Japanese cult phenomenon, Hausu!

And yes, they’re on the Tumblr site only for the time being. The main site will be privy to updates when the first proper episode hits…which will hopefully be soon! In the meantime, hit them up on Twitter and Facebook!


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