Kyoryuger Mini Figure Set 2
A special Kyoryuger set of HG Heroes Miniatures have been announced straight from the Tamashi Web Shop. Make the jump to find out more about the set!

This massive set contains the main six Kyoryugers and each one is exquisitely painted, with a lot of attention to detail and care put into each figurine. Each figurine is fixed posed(meaning they’ll have no articulation, what you see is what you get). In addition to the main six, the Spirit Rangers: KyoryuCyan, and KyoryuGrey along with KyoryuViolet, the movie’s Deathryuger, Kyoryujin, and Tourin will be included.

The Deboss generals will also be featured in this set, in addition to an explosion effect piece and three other currently unknown items.

This set offers a great alternative to collectors who can’t wait for the Figuarts releases and fans of Kyoryuger a like! This set will be shipping out in November.

But the catch? The set maybe too pricey for some, priced at a whopping 26,250 yen, which would make it about 265$ before middleman fees and shipping.


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