The next iteration of the Gundam franchise has been announced, with an air date set for October. Throw in a dash of Level 5’s Danball Senki and you have Gunpla Build Fighters! The official web site has gone live, as did a few promotional teasers. Make the jump to see the new promotional teasers and to find out more about this series!


The anime looks similar to Gunpla Builders Beginning G OVA released in 2010: the series will feature Mobile Suits from various series, some will be customized, but the series will also have it’s own original suits created.

The teaser gives us our look at the four lead suits, from left to right we have: The Build Strike Gundam, a variation of the Strike Gundam from Gundam SEED,  the Zaku Amazing, a customized variant of the Wing Gundam called the Wing Gundam Fenice, and the Gundam X Mao.

Gunpla Builders takes place in the far future, after a second Gunpla boom takes the world by storm, thanks to the creation of “Gunpla Battles”, where players can take model kits and battle with them in a simulation video game  The protagonist of Gunpla Build Fighters is Sei Iori, a first year middle school student and only son of a model shop owner. Sei is skilled at building Gundam kits but lacks the experience in battling with them. Together Reiji a Gunpla Fighter who’s skills are unmatched, they dream of taking on the Gunpla Battle World Championship.


Of course, when a new Gundam series is announced, model kits usually aren’t very far behind. Product samples of the four aforementioned suits were seen on display at Gundam Front Tokyo. The 1/144 High Grades of the Strike Build(1,470 yen) and the Amazing Zaku(1890 yen) will both be released this October, along with the Build Booster(525 yen) and the Amazing Booster(Price TBA). The Gundam X Mao is currently slated to be released in November, though the price has yet to be announced.



  1. remember when Gundam was about the lives of soldiers during a war and was prased at the time for it’s gritty and often dark story telling and not F**KING Beyblade with plastic model kits

    1. Gundam has always been about selling merchandise. Look at the very first series: The G-Armor was introduced for the purpose of selling toys.

    2. We still have Unicorn, which is awesome in my opinion. Too bad the next episode doesn’t come out until 2014. We also have Gundam: The Origin, coming out soon or something like that.

    1. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin is an upcoming adaption of the manga of the same name, itself a modern re-imaging of the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime. And also, after Mobile Suit Gundam 00, there was Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and now, Gundam Build Fighters.

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