Great job to the folk over at DTR on a fantastic interview with Brad Hawkins! They go in to his past on how he became an actor, how he almost ended up on CSI annnnnd…. he mixes up who the Gold and White Rangers are. All in all Brad comes off as a fantastic guy and a lot of fun.

Check out the interview here and congrats to Team DTR!

Here’s the Outtakes Video mentioned in the interview. 😀

Someone needs to send this guy an interview to the Morphicon!



  1. He’s also a very good voice actor. He’s Tyki in D.Gray-man, Wolfwood in Trigun: Badlands Rumble (where he worked with former fellow Saban actor Johnny Yong Bosch) and currently, Marco in Future Diary.

    Now I wanna see him in Fairy Tail…

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