S.H.Figuarts Psyga

To round out the recent Super Sentai Figuarts announcements here are the Kamen Rider releases! S.H.Figuarts Psyga and both Garren along with his bike: the Red Rhombus were given official release dates…unfortunately Psyga has been confirmed as a Web Exclusive release.

S.H.Figuarts Garren

Psyga will be a stand alone release joining along side Mammoth Ranger for 4200 yen.

Meanwhile, January will be the month of Garren’s release and several options will be available: ??Garren by himself will cost 2940 yen the bike can also be bought seperately for 6690 yen you can also purchase the two in a set for 8400 yen.

Update: Garren and the Red Rhombus won’t be a Web exclusive release as initially reported. Garren and Red Rhombus will be released together in a set for 8400 yen.

Source: Herotaku.



  1. Garren isn’t exclusive. There’s a photo of the list and the only mention of any Kamen Rider exclusive is Psyga. You guys should know what the characters for “Kamen Rider” look like by now.

    1. Uh, yeah he is. That link at the bottom has a link of several exclusives, Psyga, Garren, and the Red Rhombus among them. Follow the link, look at the first picture and the list below it, and you’ll see what I mean

      1. Yeah, here’s the thing, none of those names actually line up with what they’re saying they are. The PRICES are there, yes, but that’s not what those say. None of those have “Kamen Rider” or “Garren” in them. It’s not freaking there.

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