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This year, the Super Imaginative Chogokin line will be celebrating it’s 15th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, Bandai will be releasing a completely brand new figure of Kamen Rider Ichigo, the Rider that started it all as he appears in his most iconic color scheme, a preview is showcased in the latest Hyper Hobby.

As a nice added bonus and much like the forthcoming S.I.C Uva Greed(Pictured below) Shin Ichigo will come with a display piece depicting a defeated Ikadevil, marking the first time the Kaijin appears rendered in S.I.C’s unique style. Rider Kick and Rider Punch Effect Pieces will be included to further enhance the display, the figure will also have the usual assortment of swappable hands.

For the sake of comparison, the original Kamen Rider Ichigo S.I.C figure is pictured below:


The image above is from the Legendary Seven Riders S.I.C set that came out a long time ago, but the mould they used made it’s debut in 2008. Back then, S.I.Cs prior to the release of Kamen Rider Den-O were more monster-like in appearance and statues in play pattern, you can see just how far the line has come since then. S.I.C Shin Ichigo is due out in January 2014 for 5000 yen.


In other S.I.C news, Kamen Rider Zabee was finally shown off after the very brief tease in the last round of scans as a nice follow up to the recently released Hopper Hell Brothers pack. The Rider of many users is shown to include an effect part to replicate his signature Rider Sting finisher, along with two alternate versions of the Zabee Zector. S.I.C ZaBee will be more expensive than Shin Ichigo, clocking up at about 5,775 yen he is currently slated to be released in February 2014.


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