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Gaim Inflatables

Wish you had the fruitful weapons of Gaim’s but can’t budget in the cash needed for the DX release? Well the good news is that Bandai has a cheaper alternative but be warned: the versions you see before you are full of hot air!

Bandai is set to release inflatable versions of the Armored Rider’s personal side arms. Of course, you can find Gaim’s signature Daidaimaru and Musou saber amongst the first of the releases along with Baron’s Banaspear in addition to two weapons that don’t even have DX releases as of yet: Kamen Rider Gridon’s Donkachi hammer and last but certainly not least: the Duri Noko personal side arm to Mr.Dangerous himself: Kamen Rider Bravo!

The weapons retail for the stocking stuffer friendly price of just 200 yen. Choose your side arm carefully but remember to bring an air pump into battle!