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Ryuusei Ryo (Kiryuu Daigo/Kyoryu Red) and Saito Syuusuke (Ian Yorkland/Kyoryu Black) talk it out in this interview from Hero Vision 49. They discuss their relationship in the show, their first impressions of each other, what they do when they hang out, and even how they get on each other’s nerves! 

Saito Syuusuke as Ian Yorkland – Kyoryu Black

Ryuusei Ryo as Kiryuu Daigo – Kyoryu Red

In a cast whose ages spread over more than ten years, Ryuusei Ryo (Kiryuu Daigo) and Saito Syuusuke (Ian Yorkland) are both twenty. During the interview, Syuusuke-kun breaks the ice, and then Ryuusei-kun opens up. Inside, neither holds back and they talk openly.

They chat a lot about how Daigo and Ian support each other.  They both seem to be working towards an exquisitely balanced relationship between themselves.

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The First Half: “Ryuusei and Syuusuke’s Story”

Saito: Kyoryuger’s way of telling the story of the relationship between Ian and Daigo has changed. It reminds me of Ryuusei and myself.

Ryuusei: You mean that the distance between us has shrunk?

Saito: Yeah. In Episode 4 Ian’s trauma was revealed to Daigo. Then, Daigo gave him bravery, Ian shot down Debo Doronbus and his own trauma, and they became friends.

Ryuusei: Ian quickly and unexpectedly opened his heart to Daigo quickly. (laughs)

Saito: Daigo said he’d “stay until he talked” so he kind of forced it out of him, didn’t he? (laughs)

Ryuusei: Because when Daigo thinks “I want to be friends with this guy” he doesn’t hold anything back.

Saito: I thought he was just the kind of guy that picked at wounds, but Ian couldn’t let go of it himself, so he was wishing for someone to be able to reach the hurt and calm his heart. He realized Daigo would be able to grant that wish, or something.

Ryuusei: Yeah. (agreed)

Saito: Maybe Daigo even approached him in that way because he could tell Ian had that kind of heart.

Ryuusei: I think he just felt instinctively that “I have to be pushy to get any closer to Ian”.

Saito: Beyond that, in Episodes 7 and 16 you could really feel Daigo’s trust…. And in 26, everyone acknowledged that Ian can stand in as a proxy leader in Daigo’s absence.

Ryuusei: Daigo doesn’t change out with everyone on the team or anything, but you can’t really consider it too special either. Still, he recognizes that Ian knows – and is open about – his weaknesses, and that even more than himself Ian is a soft-hearted person, even more than himself. Because of that, even in unexpected situations Daigo knows he can count on Ian to come through and save him. They’ve found an indispensable partner in each other, so the gap has closed, and now they have this good relationship.

Saito: And that’s a lot like Ryuusei Ryo and Saito Syuusuke, isn’t it? Kyoryuger’s first half was “Ryuusei and Syuusuke’s story”.

Ryuusei: What’s with that title?! (laughs)

Saito: All six of the Kyoryugers have said that the tension between actors and their roles is really similar, so that plays into it too.

Ryuusei: That’s true. Syuu-chan does it, too – lately, he’s been a really dependable guy just like Ian.

Saito: I want to talk about this, so that’s why I brought it up. (laughs) Ryuusei, at his core, has this really stoic position towards acting, so when he’s doing scenes with other people he’s always persistently doing things his own way. Isn’t that a lot like Daigo, just pushing straight forward and leading everyone? I don’t know if Daigo has that open of a nature, but it’s not that he never connects with people, just that he’s the kind of person that takes it upon himself to build his own deep relationships. And it’s not that he’s blind to how people are, but rather because he can see so well, that he becomes everyone’s “King”. I like people who respect themselves and their partners, so I think Ryuusei and Daigo are both the kind of people that I can trust.

Ryuusei: That’s also something I can say about Syuu-chan. He always makes sure to communicate his opinions clearly. No matter how blunt it is, he’ll always tell you what he’s like, and because I know that I can trust him.

Saito: Thanks. Seems like we both think about it in the same kind of way. At first I thought Ryuusei was a difficult person to approach, but once I started talking to him he relaxed. Once he opened up he was really interesting. Of course, we don’t agree on everything, so we have our moments of being irritated with each other. (laughs)

Ryuusei: Yeah, definitely. (laughs)

Saito: But I also know I’ll be like “yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s Ryuusei  for you” so I don’t worry about it. And even now I can’t think of any episode where I still think “I didn’t want to do that”.

Ryuusei: If you know that the person respects you, you can accept their piece of it. If something bothers you, you say it right then and there, and then you don’t have any complaints later.


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So bothersome!!!!

Ryuusei: Was your first impression of me really so terrible? (laughs)

Saito: We’re going back to that? (laughs) I suppose if we don’t talk about it it’s not something you can figure out by yourself.

Ryuusei: Did you think I was just going to let that go? It’s not something you can really say until you’re friends with someone, but when you put yourself out there, there’s pieces you want to ask people about. Also, you leave me wondering what part of my approach was so unattractive. But once you’ve talked with someone a lot, and gotten to know them, you can get their reaction and start figuring out how to pick up on the feeling you give off.  Syuu-chan really did put me at ease, so I feel like I need to come through and be able to see myself for him.

Saito: Mmmm, you really are a bother. (laughs)

Ryuusei: I won’t deny it, but you’re not really one to talk.

Saito: …..am I really a bother? This is your chance to tell me.

Ryuusei: (laughs) People really are dense about the different things that others complain about. I always seem to be drawn to things that don’t matter a lot, like “That!? That difference is great! Just stop doing that already~!” is something I think often. (laughs)

Saito: I see…. so, there are things you don’t like! (laughs)

Ryuusei: Yeah, it’s true. (laughs)

Saito: So on a side note, I’m okay as a friend, but I’m not the type you’d want as a lover? Or is it the reverse?

Ryuusei: I told you that kind of thing is hard to understand! (laughs) Syuu-chan has a lot of personality, which makes you strong and annoying but you’re also kind of entirely harmless…. You and Ian might have that in common.

Saito: Not really the kind of guy you can understand, right?

Ryuusei: The rollercoaster of tension is pretty intense.

Saito: Yeah. The difference between my outbursts and my calm times is pretty intense, isn’t it. But I never know whether it’s better to expose my highs or my lows to people, you know? I know that I don’t get it. I’m pretty conscious of the fact that at least one of those “thats” that Ryuusei was talking about earlier is mine.

Ryuusei: You knew?! (laughs)

Saito: But people always differ in their opinions, it’s not something to get upset or cut ties over. I have my own evidence, so I feel secure in my opinions.

Ryuusei: That! That’s where Syuu-chan will definitely never break!

Saito: It’s not about breaking or not breaking! I’m always right!

(they continue chatting for a bit)

Saito: What we were talking about!?

Ryuusei/Saito: (explosion of laughter)!!

Ryuusei: Well, Syuu-chan’s not a bad person. (laugh)

Saito: You’re just up and summarizing it. (laughs) But I’m not a good person either, right.

Ryuusei: My feeling is that’s because you’re a living person. You believe you’re right, and you say things like “Well I understand, but…”.

Saito: Ah~! (satisfied) The two of us play darts, and I’m the type to practice stuff like throwing backwards extensively, because if I can’t do it in front of Ryuusei I’ll be furiously angry, but I’ll still just try it without saying anything. But Ryuusei is the type to be like “Ahhhh—-!! (angry)” if he can’t.

Ryuusei: I really hate to lose, and it all just ends up overshadowing everything else. (laughs) But it’s especially drawn out for Syuu-chan, so it’s weird. Syuu-chan will just ditch one opinion he has if you attack it, but then he’ll find another one until he ditches that too, and that just cycles around. In the middle he’ll be like “well, whatever” and I just snap. Maybe it’s just the obstinate kind of reply that shows he’s lost interest. (laughs)

Saito: If it’s some sort of trouble about work I can’t just neglect it, but I generally just want to say my part. (laughs) It’s not like I really want Ryuusei to do it my way or anything. Instead, if he considers my view and listens even a bit, I’d be happy.

Ryuusei: On the flipside, even when we have a real exchange, we can’t really bring too much to filming. It just comes off as this implicit emotional understanding and balance.

Saito: It’s not something we notice or particularly maintain, but apparently if we’re talking about it Ryuusei has noticed it.

Ryuusei: Most of our time together isn’t spent having deep talks. This is a really great opportunity.


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Together you…

Saito: It’s not uncommon for me to talk to Ryuusei after Kyoryuger filming is over. I’ll think “Wonder what he’s doing?”, want to know, and call him. “You want to come over?” “Yeah, sure.” kind of deal. It’s not like we have to see each other every day, but I always want to see him, and even if I’m exhausted I’ll still go. Ryuusei and I are just like that.

Ryuusei: I know!! We never know whether we’re close or far apart (laughs), but when we’re together it’s always a lot of unbridled fun.

Saito: Even today, we might go home together after this interview or something.

Ryuusei: We’re really saying things like going home together? (laughs)

Saito: Actually, out of all of the guys from Kyoryuger, as of right now the only one who’s stayed over at my place is Ryuusei.

Ryuusei: On days that I get really excited about darts, I generally just end up staying. (laughs)

Saito: Huh? We really do get along! (laughs) Put simply, even though once I thought “I guess it’s this far with this guy”, after the second time I don’t think those terms stick. (laughs) We make a lot of plans together, so let’s not cut each other out until the situation changes.

Ryuusei: I know. We don’t know which one will end up inadvertently stepping on the other to widen their own road. Let’s just assume that won’t happen unless we call upon it.

Saito: Yeah!

Ryuusei: But you know, in the Kyoryuger cast, out of everyone who could tell me these kinds of things, it’s really only Syuu-chan, and then only when we’re together. Nossan and Ucchi-san have that age gap, and they’re nothing but sweet, and they’re both the kind of characters that just see only the best in people, I think.

Saito: On the other hand, Akihisa and Ayu are younger so they’re a little more careful around us, I think. I know they really don’t know how to act around me in particular. (laughs)

Ryuusei: Don’t say that yourself, especially so happily! (laughs) I want to lend my shoulder for everyone to lean on. “You can confess anything~” kind of meeting with everyone would be great.

Saito: You mean like the two of us.

Ryuusei: Let’s do the second half with that kind of feeling.

Saito: OK~!


Special thanks to Ekala for translating and Kitarin for providing the scans!



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