A hint of gotta catch’em all is thrown into Toei and Marvel’s latest endeavor: Disk Wars: The Avengers assembles Earth’s Mightiest Heroes under the Land of the Rising Sun. But now, it looks like Bandai wants in on the action with the unexpected announcement of a tie in toy line.


The toy line for Disk Avengers will come in two flavors: the first offering is a set of poseable action figures representing the show’s take on Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man.


The second set is what looks to be the Marvel equivalent to the Ranger Key gimmick of Gokaiger/Super Megaforce. In the anime, heroes and villains alike are trapped in disk-like objects and the next offering is a set of transforming toys that represent this aspect of the show. Once again the big four heroes: Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man have figures to represent them in these forms.

The low rez images revealing the line give no indication on how much the aforementioned figures will cost, or even when they’ll be released. Though currently, BBTS has a pre-order page available with the tentative date of April 2014.



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