Ever wanted to know what going on a date with one of the Kyoryugers would be like? Here’s your chance to find out, in this article from the 1/14 Hyper Hobby, and with a special Christmas twist, no less!

Brave Challenge 9: Are the six of them good Santas? Operation: Christmas Date!

Jingle bells, jingle bells~ Speaking of~ This month is the Christmas special~! We wanted to deliver a special Christmas present to all of our readers. All six members came up with a Christmas date plan and a brave speech! The men have Candeliera as a partner, and Konno-san has Aigaron. They had to come up with a full date plan, ending with a confession speech!!


Kinjou Yamato; Born 9/9/83, from Okinawa, 30 years old.

Romantic movie and a countdown surprise

By far the first to finish was Kinjou-kun. As expected of a 30-year-old, it’s a date filled with surprises. It’s definitely for a girlfriend who likes music. And the deciding speech was just a tiny bit shy, very much like Kinjou-kun! And since he had so much time left, he ended up writing 2 more plans. (laughs)

Christmas DATE PLAN!

We’d meet in Shibuya at 7pm on Christmas Eve, go to a fashionable sake bar (spending about 2 hours). We’d eat and drink delicious things (I’d have hot sake), we’d have a leisurely, not-silly talk. We’d talk about the songs of our favorite artists. At 9, we’d wander around town, trying to sober up, and find ourselves in front of a movie theater. We’d want to go in, see a light show. They’re playing “New Cinema Paradise.” After we finish, there’s only minutes left until Christmas. We countdown and…. Merry Christmas plus a surprise present! It’s the first live tickets of the year for that artist we both like. And, my brave speech….

I really like you, idiot~ <3

Saito Syuusuke; Born 3/1/93, from Kumamoto, 20 years old.

Let’s go to a fashionable Tokyo Christmas arcade <3

“Even though I can’t normally come up with plans!” he says, even as he finishes a fashionable, friendly, and wonderful plan. Just like Kinjou-kun, he’s conscious of having a girlfriend who loves music. Another point is going out for dinner and drinks. Not being able to take the car home means, well… kya~ adult~~!!

Christmas DATE PLAN!

We’d meet at 3pm in Aoyama and go to a café for tea. We’d roam downtown. And then we’d take my car and go to a live concert you’ve been looking forward to. After we’ve gotten all fired up, we’d go to a kitchen I rented out, make dinner together, and eat. Since I’m driving, I won’t drink. After we finish dinner, I’d take you out to see the lights and take a walk. Around 10:30, even though this isn’t really usual, since it seems fun, I’d take you to an arcade, and we can frolic like we’re young. Around 11:30, we’d calm down and go to a fashionable bar to drink together. I wouldn’t be able to drive home. And my brave speech…

You really are cute. I’d like to soak in some of that happiness from now on, and this is something that would make me happier than I can say. Would you go out with me?

Maruyama Atsushi; Born 6/11/83, from Tokyo, 30 years old.

Suddenly, Las Vegas! And colorful Macchu Picchu! And colorful Nazca Lines!

Meanwhile, Maruyama-kun stressing over an overly travel-filled date plan… nothing to do now but agree! It’s a little too busy, but we think Maruyama-kun definitely thought about the scenery in each place. Also, his original poem-type speech was too much to read, so he politely rewrote it into what’s here.

Christmas DATE PLAN!

In the morning, I pick up a BIG white limo, and swing by the Frozen Castle. From there, we go straight to the airport, and get on a plane to Las Vegas! We enjoy Las Vegas – the city, the shows, the casinos. Candeliera’s very happy. Suddenly, we get on my private jet, and go to see the ruins at Macchu Picchu. After the loud and showy Las Vegas, it’s a change of pace to be surrounded by beautiful nature. Candeliera starts to understand how amazing the Earth is. From there, we get in a helicopter so we can go see the Nazca lines. And then, we could put in a giant picture of Candeliera next to them. That’s when I say my brave speech!

What voltage is your smile? “Eh~ I don’t know~…” I’ll tell you. It’s priceless!! Definitely priceless!! Thank you!!


Shiono Akihisa; born 1/3/95, from Tokyo, 18 years old.

Stealing the bride from her wedding and taking her to a place from her memories to confess!?

This time, the one who looked the most embarrassed was Shiono-kun. “I don’t know! I don’t know!” he kept saying, and the result was…  rather than a date plan, it sounds more like the last scene of a romance movie! But his speech was very gentle and direct.

Christmas DATE PLAN!

On Christmas Eve, a couple is about to be married…… it’s Candeliera and Aigaron. I’m running… it’s to get back the person I love! To get back the one I parted with on that day! …….I steal her from Aigaron, and finally reach her. I won’t let go of her this time, I take her hand…. I take her to a place we both remember, the Frozen Castle….. and I say it.

This pillar of happiness, let’s fill it up full together.

Konno Ayuri; Born 1/10/97, 16 years old.

After an excellent date is enjoying the cooking I take pride in <3

Like Shiono-kun, Konno-san had trouble with this, and worried the whole time. But she came up with a girl’s dream date, chock full of cute things! That cooking is supposedly an honest lie (laughts), but that’s also ideal. And she also definitely thought about Aigaron while writing it <3

Christmas DATE PLAN!

In the morning, we’d go to the aquarium. After that, we’d go to a famous pancake place, and go to wait in line. We’d talk about a lot, and then we’d finally get in and eat some pancakes. Aigaron would cry over how delicious they were. After that, we’d go see the lights, and Aigaron would be so moved that he’d cry. After that, we’d go to my place and we’d have some of my awesome cooking, like cream stew and chicken, and then some of my homemade Christmas cake, and he’d cry again. After eating, we’d watch a variety DVD that’s sure to make anyone laugh. But Aigaron wouldn’t laugh. And then my brave confession speech!

I’m sure I’ll be able to make you laugh someday, so go out with me.

Ryuusei Ryo; born 3/24/93, from Tokyo, 20 years old.

In the city of flowers, Paris, I’ll play James Bond again today…. eh!?

Rather than a date plan…… it’s really more like a short story. He used three sheets of paper!! Ryuusei-kun read it to us all in a loud voice! Let’s buy that zeal! And his speech is 007’s speech! His fashion and theme is all 007! It’s extreme bravery….

Christmas DATE STORY!?

I’d pick her up in the Aston Martin Bond car and go to the airport. We’d enjoy an elegant flight to Paris, and when we arrived, we’d go straight to the Eiffel tower. In “A View to Kill” (1985), the film about the Eiffel tower, Roger Moore’s James Bond chased Grace Jones’ May Day, and climbed up the stairs with a pained expression, and eventually May Day jumped off the top and descended with a parachute. We’d climb the 704 stairs up, and then go to the second tier, and take an elevator to the top. There we could gaze upon amazing scenery, and take a light break at the champagne bar. After that, we’d go to the more-than-5-star hotel, a hotel more like a palace, the Hotel du Paris, and we’d feel like we were in a 007 movie, and we’d use a real gun, and we’d play 007 together. Not to the death, it’s just a game. But the Bond Girl (girlfriend) would shoot and it’d hit Bond (me) in the chest. Crap, just like James Bond…. I thought. Ah, but our time together would end, and…. Yep, this was all a dream. We were so tired we passed out together,  some time at my house, and we saw the same dream. We slept through Christmas Eve, didn’t end up spending any money, and still had a fulfilling dream date. when I wake up, I tell the girl next to me…..

…..Bond. James Bond.


Special thanks to Hakaseheart for providing the scans!



  1. Sounds like Ryo Ryusei is a James Bond fan, no wonder why his character has so much girls who admire him

    Ayuri’s dream date sounds cute, but I wonder why does she use Aigaron’s name as her supposed date?

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