tokkyuWondering exactly how much of a trainwreck the newest Sentai team is going to be? Personality blurbs beyond the cut!

Tokkyu Ichigou
Forever positive and treating everything as fun, he’s a boy who is a ball of energy. He usually puts all of his effort into things, a pointlessly hot-blooded type. Out of the five of them, his imagination power is high, which corresponds to his fighting strength. He’s of the type that moves before thinking. He’s not good in tight spots.

Tokkyu Nigou
Someone who’ll triple-check research and still say, “It’s not enough!” kind of cautious, the punctual boy. He’s the type to research everything, but won’t tell anyone what he finds out. He’s good at analyzing enemies and designing tactics, but he takes way too long, so he’s pretty useless.

Tokkyu Sangou
With a very simple personality, the sports-minded girl. She’s very strong-willed, but excellent at housework, and that dissonance makes her popular with boys. But it seems like she’s really bad at anything relating to love. Within the Tokkyugers, she’s the big sister type.

Tokkyu Yongou
A moody, “I’ll follow my own path” type. More than his imagination, his “fighting strength” is naturally high, and when he gets in the mood he shows that he’s equal in strength to Light. Light acknowledges him, but can’t comprehend him at all. He listens to Mio, but he teases Kagura a lot.

Tokkyu Gougou
The girl with the highest power of imagination, next to Light. But her imagination pushes in the negative direction, so she ends up coming up with entirely unexpected expansions, and as a result she’s not very good at fighting, herself. If she could get her fighting power into shape, she’d be an invincible warrior, but…




  1. So we’ve got Imagination Power and Fighting Power as two metrics of strength. And Imagination Power can be positive or negative? And it results in “expansions?”

    I get the feeling there’s a lot to this show than trains, rainbows, and shadows.

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