140124_tokkyu_jacket_600x341Premium Bandai Fashion is releasing jackets and accessories all five Tokkyuger members, as well as the uniform for a character called the Rainbow Line Conductor. More pictures and ordering information after the break!

Raito/Light (Tokkyu Ichigou) wears a red American-style letter jacket with an R-shaped “Junk Motive” patch. The text on the back reads “Junk Motive Original | This is an Exclusive Brand | That was Specially Made | for You and Me.” The jacket retails for 42,120 yen.

Tokacchi (Tokkyu Nigou) wears a blue peacoat with white details. The belt across the back is designed to imitate train tracks. The jacket retails for 32,400 yen and his glasses are also available for 23,760 yen.

Hikari (Tokkyu Yongou) wears a down jacket made from green satin, which retails for 30,240 yen.

Mio (Tokkyu Sangou) wears a casual yellow denim jacket with a removable acrylic fur collar from Japanese demin brand Gジャン (G Jyan). It retails for 21,600 yen.

Kagura (Tokkyu Gougou) wears a light pink fleece cape with five gold hearts on the epaulettes. The cape retails for 21,600 yen.

The Rainbow Line Conductor wears a uniform and a hat, both sold separately. The hat (11,880 yen) and uniform (81,000 yen) both feature rainbow detailing, and the hat has a brass Tokkyuger emblem on the front.

Pre-orders for all items start on February 3 for shipment in April. Premium Bandai does not sell internationally, but items can be ordered through a middleman service.

[From: http://p-bandai.jp/chara/c2253/]


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