Sample the newest sentai’s Opening & Ending themes!


The Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger single releases on February 16, 2014 and includes the two tracks and their respective karaoke versions.

Take a listen to the samples and check out a snippet of the lyrics and a rough translation of what we thought we could make out:

Opening: sung by Ise Daiki, who did Kamitsuki Brave from Kyoryuger

saa hashire
oretachi no express
don’t be late
nori no kure ni
kocchi wo muitata koto
yume wo no se
kaze wo
yubi sashite furiu?
acchi kocchi docchi da
kimi no eki made michibike imagination
konnara nuketara
asu ni mukete nonsuto
ressha sentai hassha alright tokkyuger

let’s run
our express
don’t be late
ride into the sunset
look towards it
carry your dreams
listen to
the wind
move forward
to everywhere
point your fingers
here, there, wherever
let your imagination guide you to your station
it’s clear like this
facing the future, non-stop
ressha sentai departing alright tokkyuger

 Ending: sung by YOFFY (Shinkenger & Dekaranger OP), Takayoshi Tanimoto (Gekiranger OP), Kamada Shogo (Kyoryuger OP)

kaze wo kiite
kimi wo hakobu
hare no hi datte ame no hi datte
nan no express
yume wo hakobu
kimi ga ikitai eki made isshoni
mesugi wa donna ressha ni
jiri ni
mashikenai yo

there’s good
here comes the wind
carrying you
even on sunny days, even on rainy days
what express
in turn
carrying dreams
let’s run together, to the station you
want to go to
what kind of train
will you meet
will you become
like yourself
[at full speed?]

Thanks to ekala for translating the lyrics!

Sound off in the comments if the tracks lived up to all you imagined!



    1. WAH?? It’s very upbeat and exciting! They sound like anime openings! Very JPop esque!! Kyoryuger and most Sentai openings sound soo “sentai” like, these like real pop songs!

  1. ”nori no kure ni”?-> “nori okure ni”

    “nori no kure ni kocchi wo muitata koto yume wo no se” -> “noriokure ni gotyuui Gata Goto yume wo nose”

    “yubi sashite furiu?” -> “yubisasi kakunin”

    “konnara nuketara” -> “Tunnel nuketara”

    “asu ni mukete nonsuto” -> “asu ni mukete non miss stop(?)”

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