Kamen Rider Gaim has been so awesome that we couldn’t wait to talk more about the show and all the things that have happened in it. Most of us in this recording, beside IgaDevil, did NOT see the ground breaking Episode 14, so you’ll have to forgive our gleeful ignorance as we speculate like mad and IgaDevil bites his lip trying not to spoil the big Episode 14 twist. Click it on up and jump on in. 😀

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Michael Nixon

Special thanks to the Famous IGADEVIL! for this episode’s graphic and the kickass graphic you’ll see on your mp3 player while you play this episode.

Special thanks to forum member Jon Fuu [Soundcloud] [YouTube]. Without his post-production work, there would be no show.

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Here’s the episode video game versus fight Vangelus mentions in the episode.



  1. I think Kouta didn’t go through Withdrawal was because he was afraid of the belt and it’s power and responsibility, while with Hase was finally in the big leagues with all these other riders, then this un-named guy comes in, kicks his ass, and then breaks his only connection to being in the Big Leagues, that hurt him hard, not only that his partner left him, his Team was pretty much done at that point, it basically came all down to the belt, he lost everything and that’s why he was going through withdrawal like that with the hallucinations, that’s what I think anyway.

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